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We offer specific needs hotel repair services such as hotel EIFS repair & hotel window replacement services.


At Amerail, our talented team has the experience to provide these specific hotel repair services and more. 

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Include but are not limited to:

Hotel Painting Services

Hotel EIFS Repair Services

Hotel Room Front Renovations

Hotel Window Replacement Services learn more

Hotel Railing Systems

(Specialized in Coastal Locations)

Hotel EIFS Water Infiltration Damage Repair 

Hotel Porte Cochere Reconfiguration


One of the most unexpected costs during a hotel renovation is water damage to the EIFS.


The hotel repair experts at Amerail Systems will locate the source of EIFS water infiltration on the exterior of your hotel and make the necessary repairs to the damaged EIFS, framing, and sheathing.


We work with numerous engineering firms nationwide to evaluate the damages so we can complete the most economical hotel repair possible.


Our knowledge and experience help us to find the source of the hotel EIFS water infiltration and repair the affected areas to maintain the structural integrity of your hotel.

hotel rehab and repair services EIFS repair

How to Prevent, Catch, & Fix it

hotel renovation services how to fulfill pip

Guide to Overcoming Hotel Renovation Issues

Managing the problems that can arise in a Hotel Renovation. Being prepared is the best way to reduce hotel renovation stress.

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