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5 Ways to Refresh Your Hotel

It’s been a little over a year since the world as we once knew it changed. Last Spring while many were getting ready for their upcoming Spring and Summer vacations the pandemic hit which put those plans on pause. Now as vaccines become more and more available and the safety of traveling grows stronger, those postponed vacations are finally happening.

People are ready to see the world again and have new experiences while feeling safer than they did at this time last year and the hospitality industry is ready to welcome them back with open arms. The words “No Vacancy” will be a breath of fresh air for a lot of properties that haven’t reached capacity since before the pandemic. With this in mind, hotels should begin to prepare for the influx of travelers looking for clean and safe spaces. Making sure that your property is ready to welcome guests back with a refreshed exterior and interior is a good first step.

It’s the season for new beginnings everywhere.

Here are 5 ways you could take on a Renovation Refresh:

1. Re-Energize Your Windows

If you have not made the switch to energy efficient windows yet, now’s the time to do so!

Energy efficient windows save you money in the long run, reduce noise pollution and also give you a leg up on the competition.

Travelers are concerned more than ever about a hotel's sustainability efforts and replacing your current windows with energy efficient windows is another selling point for you to present to your guests.

To learn more about energy efficient windows check out our service page:

2. Out With The Old & In With The Faux Wood

It has become apparent that the biophilic design trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. If anything it is only becoming stronger and more in demand. This trend rose in popularity because of its serene aesthetic and ability to connect travelers with nature.

One of the most common ways hotels are incorporating biophilic design is with faux materials that look like raw materials found in nature such as faux wood & faux stone. These materials, when used on the exterior of a hotel can be a signal to travelers that your property is calm, clean and trendy.

Faux wood or stone that contrasts with your property's paint can also be used to highlight sections of your hotel that you want to draw the guests eye towards.

For example:

Faux wood/stone on the Porte Cochere will make a guest feel more relaxed as they drive up to your hotel's entrance.

Faux wood/stone on your hotel's facade will draw the guests eye right to where you want them to be, inside your hotel and will make their walk into the building more enjoyable.

The exterior of your property is a guest's first impression of your hotel. First impressions matter and can be the difference between a guest choosing you or your competitor.

Not sure where to start? Contact us today for a refreshing design.

3. Trendy Landscaping

In addition to faux materials, landscaping is also important to biophilic design. Staying on top of landscaping trends can set you apart from the rest. Check out some of the best landscaping trends we found for 2021.

Simplifying your landscape

Don’t make unnecessary work for yourself by planting trees over ponds or pools, plant perennials & add automatic watering where you can.

Bold Relaxation Areas & Secluded Sections

hotel 2021 design trends Photo from 10 Top Trends In Landscape Designs In 2021
Photo from 10 Top Trends In Landscape Designs In 2021

Outdoor living rooms are all the rage right now, make a comfortable outdoor space where your guests can relax outside and set your hotel apart with a statement relaxation area. To make the space even more unique, Include any local elements you can (local art, sculptures, etc.).

Secluded areas will also attract travelers, make a space that can be hidden with a living wall such as tall trees & plants and keep your secluded space as calm and neutral as possible.

Grow food

For most hotels this will have to be for kitchen use only but for those who are able to allow their guests and community to pick from their garden this presents a great opportunity to interact more with your community & guests.

Helping Nature

Include plants that attract butterflies & bees into your landscape design. Butterflies & bees around your hotel adds to the biophilic design trend but can also show your guests what you’re doing to improve the environment. You can even promote how you’re helping your local environment within your hotel.

Another way to help nature and yourself is by providing houses for birds. These houses will keep birds off your window sills and awnings and also let your guests know you care about your community and its environment.

Read more about 2021 landscaping design trends here:

4. EIFS Cleaning/Painting

You’d be surprised what a good cleaning can provide to your property's exterior. One of the more simpler tasks in this list is cleaning the EIFS of your building. This can make your exterior brighter and stand out among your competition.

If you’re ready to do a little bit more than cleaning your EIFS, painting it can transform your hotel to a whole new level. Have you noticed other hotels in your CompSet that have changed their exterior colors over the last few years?

hotel renovation companies before and after of hotel renovation

Brands have been leaning more towards cooler, modern, & more neutral tones while incorporating contrasting natural materials whereas a few years ago the tones & colors were mainly warm & beige across the board. Incorporating new & trendy paint colors can indicate to travelers that you are a clean & updated property.

To learn more about how Amerail can brighten up your property contact us here:

5. Interior Trends

Most of the experts agree that design trends for 2021 will center around calmness, the opposite of a chaotic 2020. With calm spaces as the focal point in design you can expect there to be more indoor greenery, neutral tones & in general the continuation of biophilic design.

To add some serenity inside your hotel here are a few things you can do:

Create a more open concept in your gathering areas such as lobbies and lounges. If your seating/gathering areas are congested, spread furniture out & declutter these spaces to make them feel & look cleaner to those using them. More space will give your guests room to breathe and relax. Also make sure to have cleaning/sanitizing stations readily available.

When renovating or redecorating your interior, remember to use natural/natural looking materials combined with neutral and earth tones. The same concept of faux wood & stone on your exterior from our 2nd tip above can be applied to your interior too. Water features can also make your guests feel calmer and safer.

Finally, greenery can add to the sense of calm and cleanliness you’re aiming for. There are many plants that require little maintenance but are still appealing to the eye. Indoor plants can also serve as barriers and walls to add more private areas for your guests to relax in.

hotel interior design trends

To learn more about interior design trends for 2021 check out:

Are you ready to refresh your property? Get ready to welcome your guests back with a refreshed exterior. Contact us today to learn more about our exterior hotel renovation services.


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