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Amerail Systems Top 5 Podcasts for Hoteliers

Listen and learn from leaders and industry professionals all throughout the hospitality community.

We’ve compiled a list of 5 of our favorite hotel industry podcasts with a brief description of each of them.

Here are our top 5 picks for podcasts hoteliers should be listening to and why you should subscribe today if you haven’t yet.

1. Lodging Leaders

“Lodging never sleeps. Lodging will endure. Long Live Lodging.”

Lodging Leaders is a weekly podcast from Long Live Lodging, a multimedia platform where storytelling has been their niche since 2015. Narrated by Jonathan Albano and Judy Maxwell who are accompanied by a team with a combined 50+ years of industry experience. These industry experts and skilled storytellers take listeners on a journey through the hospitality industry’s biggest topics of the day. They then help you navigate them in an easy to listen to format where guests answer questions and the hosts offer a more in-depth explanation. If you are in the hospitality industry in any capacity (especially leadership), this podcast is the one for you. We love staying up to date with Lodging Leaders, check out where to listen below so you can too.

Where you can listen: Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud,, iHeartRadio & TuneIn

Number of Episodes (to date 9/8/2020): 284

Theme: Discussions on Current Events in the Hospitality Industry

2. Lodging on Demand

“LODGING On Demand’s digital roundtables give hospitality leaders an opportunity to talk through pressing issues in the industry.”

While being a fairly new podcast to enter the hospitality genre, Lodging on Demand is hosted by Lodging Magazine which has, for years been a staple to those in the hotel industry who wish to stay up to date on industry news and trends. Their new podcast is no doubt the same. Lodging Magazine released their first episode of Lodging on Demand at the beginning of the pandemic and has since released multiple episodes each month. Hosted by Lodging Editor Kate Hughes, this podcast delves into issues industry leaders are presented with and advice/discussion on how to solve them. We recommend this podcast to anyone looking to stay up to date on current issues in the hospitality industry as well as anyone looking for advice from industry leaders. We can’t wait to hear more from Lodging on Demand. Check out where to listen & if you haven’t already, subscribe below.

Where you can listen: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify & YouTube

Number of Episodes (to date 9/8/2020): 19

Theme: Problem-Solving Discussions in the Hospitality Industry

3. Hospitality Academy

“Sharing hospitality industry tips and advice for hoteliers on a variety of topics designed to make your life a little easier and your operation more profitable”

Hosted by Susan Pannozzo, an expert in the hospitality industry for over 30 years Hospitality Academy Podcast delves into how to make your hotel more successful. This podcast found its niche in the genre focusing more on educating and offering a knowledge share platform for hoteliers. Hospitality Academy is where hoteliers go to share and listen to the secrets and strategies that make their hotels successful & more profitable. This podcast puts emphasis on why your hotel’s service is so important to your profits & then shares strategies on how you can improve both. Hotel Academy is like no other podcast in the genre because of the vast amount of knowledge shared on the industry minutiae that make hospitality what it is. These details are essential to running a profitable hotel. Below is a list of where to listen to this podcast which we highly recommend. 

Where you can listen: Apple Podcasts & Stitcher

Number of Episodes (to date 9/8/2020): 41

Theme: Educational Podcast Focused on Hospitality Services & Maximizing Profitability 

4. Marriotts: Behind the Design

“Behind the Design podcast reveals the creative decisions involved in creating some of Marriott’s best hotels through interviews with the hotel industry’s top designers, exploring the trends and innovations that go into making hotels look the way they do.”

Behind the Design is one of 3 podcasts hosted on Marriotts online platform: Marriott Bonvoy Traveler. Formerly known as Marriott Traveler, Marriott Bonvoy Traveler is the brand’s online magazine which has also entered the podcasting world. This platform which is typically used to connect with their guests and customers has expanded its voice to also connect with leaders & those in hospitality to discuss current events and topics surrounding the industry. Behind the Design goes behind the scenes with industry professionals to learn more about what goes into the creative aspect of hotel design. From trends to new innovations in hotel renovation listen and subscribe to this podcast for the inside scoop on the exciting world of hotel design. You can listen & subscribe to Marriotts: Behind the Design wherever you get your podcasts below.

Where you can listen: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts & Spotify

Number of Episodes (to date 9/8/2020): 18

Theme: Podcast on the Creative Aspect of Hotel Design

5. Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast

“Start adding some Fuel to your resort or hotel's marketing strategy.”

Like the podcasts listed above Fuel Hotel Marketing is one of the most important podcasts for a hotelier to subscribe to. Led by Fuels COO: Stuart Butler, Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast is there for hoteliers to gain actionable tips and knowledge on marketing strategies for their hotel. Whether it be a nationally recognized brand or a boutique hotel, this podcast offers advice that can be tailored to fit your hotel’s individual marketing needs. Want to know ways to drive growth? Or how to market during the pandemic? Fuel Hotel Marketing blankets hotel marketing trends & topics. Since 2016, the podcast has been one of the most popular in the industry. With one of the most expansive episode libraries in the genre, this is an easy choice when it comes to picking what podcast to subscribe to as a hotelier. Check out where you can listen and subscribe below.

Where you can listen: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts & Spotify

Number of Episodes (to date 9/8/2020): 161

Theme: Marketing Tips & Discussions for the Hotel Industry  


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