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What Is A Hotel Property Improvement Plan or PIP & How Do You Fulfill One?

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Lessons from a hotel renovation company

A PIP or Property Improvement Plan is a list of updates, renovations & improvements to bring a hotel up to a specific brand’s new or existing standards. PIPs are beneficial to hotel owners in many ways. For example, improving the look of both the exterior and interior of your property can improve your guest satisfaction and increase RevPar.

How often do you receive PIPs? As a hotel owner, buyer, or seller it is essential to know when to expect a PIP & what the most recent brand standards are.

As an owner, you should know that hotel PIPs come through in cycles of approximately every 6-10 years for regular exterior hotel renovations, interior renovations & updates.

As a buyer, you should be aware of the current PIP standards for the brand you are purchasing. Knowing a brand's current standards will allow you to better negotiate the purchase of the property. If you are a buyer who is planning to rebrand/reflag the hotel that you are purchasing, having that hotel brand’s current PIP is also vital so you are aware of what updates & renovations are needed.

If you are planning to sell your hotel, you need to know that your potential buyers will most likely be comparing your property to the current PIP from that brand so you should prepare accordingly.

Before you receive a hotel PIP, hotel owners should know to pay close attention to trends happening around them. Being aware of trends will help owners have an idea of what to expect in their next PIP.

So, what do you do once you receive a hotel PIP as a hotel owner?

The first thing you should do after receiving a PIP from your franchise is to prepare a budget & begin researching service providers who can help you with the necessary improvements and how they fit inside that budget.

A simple and efficient way to fulfill a PIP that calls for repairs & renovations is to seek out a company that specializes in hotel renovations & hotel PIP fulfillment.

For example, when you send your PIP to Amerail Systems we will help you in the most cost-efficient way possible to make the necessary improvements to your property. Because of our 35+ years of experience working in the hotel industry, we have the special ability to value-engineer your project to accommodate budget and design standards while focusing on improving your ROI.

PIP Hotel Property Improvement Plan Model Amerail Systems

Your next step is to make sure you have a solid team of service providers together that are willing and able to coordinate with you and others on that team. Your team could consist of a general contractor, a designer, and an FF&E procurement company. When you select Amerail Systems as your general contractor, there’s no need to hire a separate company to design your hotel renovations. As your all-in-one hotel renovation company, Amerail provides complete 3D-colored renderings and architectural drawings of your property with our design to present for brand approval.

Once you have a team together and your renovations are approved, the work on your property can begin. Depending on factors such as receiving brand approval, weather, and permits, the fulfillment of a PIP can take approximately 12 - 24 months.

Your final step is to enjoy the look of your renovated hotel as well as the ROI from your fulfilled property improvement plan.

Exterior Hotel PIP Renovation Before & After of Hampton Inn Hotel
Hampton Inn Hotel Renovation by Amerail Systems Before & After

Throughout your renovation and PIP fulfillment process, issues could potentially arise. Being prepared for the most common issues will help you address them easily and continue with a smooth renovation.

To learn more about the issues that can arise and how to navigate them, check out our blog: Tips on Keeping Your Hotel Open During a PIP or Remodel


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