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What We Read: October

Here's a brief recap of our favorite articles from October.


First up is Lodging Magazines article:

This was one of our favorite pieces from October because of its optimism and ingenuity.

Check out the article from Lodging Magazine below to learn more about how hotels are offering their rooms to be used as single person dorm rooms for college students.


Next, we have good news from Lodging Magazine:

"..leisure and weekend staycation demand seen during the summer may make appearances into the fall."

No need to explain why this made our top 5, we love seeing increasing occupancy rates!


Looking for ideas on where to take your next road trip? Check out the third article on our list from Lodging Magazine:

We loved reading about the re-emergence of the American family road-trip and how this could potentially continue through fall and keep occupancy levels at 50% or higher.

Read the full article below:


Next, we have more insight into travel trends:

In this read from Hotel Business Magazine, we get a look into what travelers are searching for on Trivago.

Trends include things like last-minute bookings and domestic travel. Read more on these trends and where they're happening in the article from Hotel Business Magazine below:


Finally, we have this article from Hotel News Now:

Optimism and adaptation seem to be common themes through October and this article is no exception.

Hotels are implementing "igloo pods" to encourage social distancing while also making events and meetings exciting again. This new method of meeting in outdoor spaces could be the future of gatherings for the foreseeable future and could help breathe life back into the events and event planning industry.


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