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Leveraging design-build exterior hotel remodeling for over 30 Years.


Save time and money with our Design-Build/

Value-engineered solutions for hotel renovations/remodels.


From simple exterior upgrades to entire hotel brand conversions, we're the hotel remodeling contractor for you.


At Amerail Systems Hotel Renovation Company we have 35+ years of design-build hotel remodeling experience and have a deep understanding of the hotel industry's needs.

design-build & bid-build


Year after year we provide beautiful exterior

design-build & bid-build hotel remodels/

PIP fulfillments to top hotel brands nationwide.


All remodels are led by our skilled staff who possess an intimate knowledge of the hotel remodeling process, from architectural drawings through


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design-build hotel remodeling services

advantages of

Contracting with a separate Architectural firm can have some drawbacks for the exterior remodel of your hotel if they are not familiar with the industry.

When you choose Amerail Systems as your hotel remodeling contractor, you're working with the best team of experts in hotel design & remodeling.

With Design-Build we design so you don't have to!

Design-Build Hotel Remodeling


The design-build approach provides a streamlined & single source solution for your entire hotel remodel.

Vs. traditional bid-build method where the owner must select an architect/designer, finalize the design, bid the project, select a contractor, and then act as an intermediary. 


Our 35+ years of providing hotel renovation services as well as our relationships with major hotel flags gives us an advantage when it comes to value engineering & bottom-line cost savings.


This 'in-house' relationship gives hotel owners a major advantage on their remodel with us.


The team at Amerail Systems are experts in hotel remodeling services and equipped to provide high-quality results


Design-build hotel remodeling projects can be completed in a shorter amount of time.


Scheduling for the project can begin before the design is finalized, potential construction problems are uncovered early and enhanced communication keeps everything moving.


through design-build, we provide enhanced communication and eliminate confusion with material and construction specs.


Our unified team, led by an experienced project manager who coordinates subcontracted work prioritizes client interests.


Our proactive communication approach prevents issues and ensures a seamless hotel remodel experience from start to finish.


Design-build ensures quality control, budget transparency, and effective design cost communication.


We handle design, project management, and construction, involving the owner in final pricing. With a set scope, we maintain cost control as your remodel contractors.

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Ready to Start your Hotel Remodel?

When it comes to choosing the right contractor for your hotel remodel look no further than Amerail Systems. 

Our team consists of industry experts who continue to provide beautiful remodels to top hotel brands nationwide.

Fill out our contact form and let us know how we can WOW you.

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