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Hotel Renovation Timeline 2024

As a hotelier, you know that a hotel renovation can be as exciting and rewarding as it is daunting. Understanding the timeline of a hotel renovation and everything that goes into it will allow for smooth operations and ensure that your guests are satisfied from beginning to end. 

How long a hotel renovation takes is dependent on the size and scope of the project/PIP. In 2024, a complete interior or exterior renovation can take anywhere from a few months to a year. 

Most PIPs will indicate if there is a “due by” date for fulfillment, ensuring that you take all stages of a hotel renovation into consideration (from receiving a PIP to your final sign off) and how long it takes to complete those steps will help you determine when you need to begin the process. 

In this month's white paper, we’re breaking down these stages of a hotel renovation timeline including all the steps that go into its planning as well as some tips along the way on how to avoid delays so you can be the best prepared when it comes time to renovate. 

The Stages of a Hotel Renovation Timeline:

Before the Renovation: 7-12+ Months (Dependent on Communication & Speed of Decision Making)

Stage 1: Receival of PIP & Choosing your Contractor 

Stage 2: Planning & Design

Stage 3: Pre-Construction

The Renovation: 1 - 12+ months (Dependent on Scope of Work)

Stage 4: Construction/Renovation of your Hotel

Stage 5: Post-Construction

Stage 1: Receival of PIP & Choosing your Contractor | Approx. 4-6 Weeks

How long this stage takes is dependent upon the length of time it takes to create a budget, choose a renovator, and accept a proposal. At Amerail Systems we estimate this to take approx. 4-6 weeks after choosing us as your hotel renovation company.

After receiving your PIP or deciding to renovate your hotel it is essential to conduct thorough pre-planning where you’ll lay out your goals and budget for the project.

Once you have a budget planned it’s time to seek out a hotel renovation company to help you fulfill your PIP/renovation.

Your chosen contractor will then evaluate your PIP, conduct a site visit and provide you with a renovation proposal curated to your budget that lays out an estimated timeline. 

When choosing Amerail Systems as your contractor, we will work with you and our vendors to provide value-engineered solutions that help keep your project within budget.

Amerail Systems Pro Tip: Working with a company specialized in hotel renovations who can also provide design services will make this process and the rest of your project seamless. Contact us for help with your hotel renovation.

To learn more about choosing the right contractor, check out our white paper “Choosing the Right Contractor for your Hotel Renovation”: Click Here

Stage 2: Planning and Design | Approx. 3-9 Months

How long this stage takes is dependent upon how long it takes to receive a design agreement, approve designs and final pricing, and sign a contract. At Amerail Systems we estimate this stage, including the design agreement, design concepts, design approval, pricing approval, and contract signing to take approx. 3-9 months depending on speed of approvals & signatures received.

Stage 1 Checklist: 

  • Budget & Goals Created

  • PIP has been reviewed

  • Job site has been visited

  • Hotel renovator selected 

  • Project proposal accepted

Once the above have been completed it’s time to move on to the design portion of your hotel renovation. 

First, your hotel renovation company will provide you with a design agreement to which you must sign. The sooner this agreement is signed, the quicker your designs and renovations can commence. 

When you’ve signed the design agreement your contractor will move on to providing you with design concepts for your hotel renovation. Most hotel brands will provide design models or guidelines along with a PIP. Your contractor will use these to provide you with a custom design and rendering that aligns with your renovation goals as well as the brand's standards. 

Once a design concept is agreed upon and approved by the hotel and brand it’s time to approve the final pricing and sign a contract before moving on to the Pre-Construction & Construction stages. 

The design/design approval process & contract signing can take anywhere from 4-9 months depending on how fast designs and final pricing are approved and when a contract is signed. 

How we can help:

At Amerail Systems, our turnaround for hotel designs is typically 4-8 weeks while the time it takes for design approval by the hotel & its brand can take anywhere from a few weeks to 4+ months. 

Once the design is approved, final pricing can be provided in approximately 1+ weeks depending on the scope of the project. 

When final pricing is accepted and a contract is signed we can begin the construction stage of your hotel renovation. How long final pricing approval and contract signing usually takes 1-3 months but is dependent on how fast a client signs. 

Total approx. time with Amerail Systems: 3-9 months 

Amerail Systems Pro Tip: Get these first two stages of your renovation completed as soon as possible to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget. For interior hotel renovations this is especially important so that FF&E can be ordered asap to avoid unwanted renovation delays.

Stage 3: Permits, Pre-Construction & Project Planning | Approx. 3-6 Months

How long this stage takes is dependent upon how long it takes to receive approval for construction drawings, obtain permits, plan a construction schedule, and organize a construction crew. At Amerail Systems we estimate this to take anywhere from 3-6 months.

You’ve approved the designs, you’ve signed the contract, now there’s just a couple more steps before it’s time to sit back and watch your hotel be transformed into a beautiful new property that is sure to improve guest satisfaction, increase your ROI & RevPAR, and attract more travelers.

In this stage:

  • Final construction drawings are submitted and approved

  • Permits are obtained

  • Project plan/Construction schedule is put in place


Before renovations can begin, permits must be obtained. Depending on location and which municipality the property is located in, the permit process could take 30-90 days.

Permits are obtained after submitting signed off construction drawings which can only be completed after a signed contract and deposit has been received and after designs & drawings have been approved.

Amerail Systems Pro Tip: Get started on your renovation early so you can avoid time setbacks due to gathering permits. 

Pre-Construction & Project Planning

Before construction begins it is vital to work with your contractor to create a timeline for your hotel renovation. As stated in the introduction, most PIPs will indicate if there is a “due by” date for fulfillment. Work with the team you’ve chosen for your renovation to come up with a construction schedule that fits your guests needs and includes ample buffer time in case of unexpected delays such as weather, water damage to the EIFS, etc..

While crafting a construction schedule/project plan, consider the following:

  • Do you plan on keeping the hotel open during renovations?

When working with Amerail Systems, we are able to keep hotels conducting exterior renovations fully operational while ensuring that hotels receiving interior renovations are kept as operational as possible by completing remodels one floor at a time.

  • If you are having an interior renovation, do you have a plan for what floors are going to be under construction at what time? 

Once a construction schedule is created, your hotel will be in the capable hands of the contractor you’ve chosen to fulfill your PIP/renovate your property who will then organize a construction crew to begin renovations. 

Stage 4: Construction/Renovation of your Hotel | Approx. 3-12 Months

How long this stage takes is dependent upon the scope of work. At Amerail Systems we estimate this to take anywhere from 3-5 months for exterior renovations and 4-12 months for interior renovations (excluding any unforeseen delays).

Remember we said it was almost time to sit back and watch your hotel be transformed? 

Now is that time.

How long this stage takes depends on the scope of the project.

Exterior Renovations: Approx. 3-5 months

Interior Renovations: Approx. 4-12 months

Interior renovations typically take longer than exterior due to wait times for FF&E and the amount of spaces that need renovated.

The good news is that interior renovations can typically be completed at any time of the year while exterior renovations require temperatures to be at at-least 40 degrees. 

But with proper planning, a great team, and motivation to get the work done, beautiful interior renovations can be completed on time.

While renovations are taking place there may be issues that arise, or changes that need to be made.

When this happens it’s important to stay calm and remember that you took our advice and planned well so you should have a good amount of buffer time in case the unexpected happens.


When you choose Amerail Systems as your hotel renovation company we provide you with an experienced in-house project manager who will be able to expertly solve any issues that do arise and provide solutions to help get the project back on track.

Don’t just take it from us though, here’s what Rick L. Alcorn from the Comfort Inn in Blacksburg, VA had to say about our renovation services:

“From design to permitting to final construction their attention to detail was phenomenal. Once on site, there were some issues picked up on by their construction foreman. He took the time to think about how a parapet wall would look from down the road and suggested a short return wall that would give it a much better finished look. Their home office agreed, and it turned out great. He also saw that an existing steel beam that was hidden from view in our parking lot could be seen from across the street.


He called in and the adjustments were made to raise the EIFS by a few inches. Another success! That was above and beyond in my book. He thought about more than just what was on paper.


It seemed that Amerail was always a step ahead of us as far as assuring that our guests were inconvenienced as little as possible. From providing signs for alternative entries to taping off work areas we had very few complaints and none that we felt were credible.


I cannot say enough about how happy we were dealing with Amerail Systems. The ease of communication with every level of their organization could not have been better. Everything went exactly as they said it would and we now have what looks like a brand new building. Their design was approved by Choice Hotels with only a few minor suggestions, and they dealt with the local building officials from permitting to final inspection.


On time and on budget. What more can you want?


Thank you, Amerail”

Keeping open lines of communication with all parties during the construction phase is vital. Ensure that you’ve chosen a contractor who will keep you up to date with the progress of your renovations.

With Amerail Systems as your contractor, you will see us transform your property from beginning to end. During the construction process we will share updates on your hotel renovation not only with you our valued client but also via our social media pages, generating buzz and getting guests excited to see your new look & experience it for themselves. 

Our team of highly experienced, guest-friendly contractors can complete most exterior renovations in 12-20 weeks (or 3-5 months).

Once the renovations have been completed and all parties are happy with the results, we can move into the final stage of a hotel renovation which is post-construction.

Stage 5: Post-Construction | Approx. 2+ Weeks

We’re at the finish line of your hotel's new look and now it’s time to complete the final steps before welcoming guests back to your beautiful new property. These last few steps typically take 2+ weeks depending on any changes that need to be made and when the project is signed off. 

Final Steps:

  • Punch Walk/Punch Out Final Walk Through 

  • Completion/Sign off

Punch Walk/Punch-Out:

Typically done in phases throughout the renovation but a punch out will occur at the end of construction. This is to remedy any remaining items that need refining after the project has been completed.

Final Walkthrough:

During this step with Amerail Systems, we will walk you through your new renovations to ensure that our renovations meet your standards and hopefully WOW you. Our goal for this walkthrough is to simply ensure the client is happy with the final upgrade. 

Typically an owner's rep will have been on-site several times previously to review with our site Foreman or Project Manager as work has progressed. Additionally, our crew and crew leaders are in ‘quality assurance’ mode throughout the project.

We have heard from ownership several times, that some returning hotel customers think a new hotel was built vs. an upgrade of the original because the results we produced were so great.

Completion/Sign off:

Once the above items are finished and everything has been approved and signed off you can now say that you’ve successfully fulfilled your PIP/renovation! 

The timeline of a hotel renovation can seem complex and challenging, but working with the right hotel renovation company can improve the process and make it enjoyable. 

At Amerial Systems, we ensure a seamless renovation for all and results that will WOW. 

Contact us today to get started on your hotel renovation/PIP fulfillment! Click Here


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