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Choosing The Right Contractor For Your Hotel Renovation

Thinking about starting your hotel renovation but not sure where to start? One of the first steps is to find the best hotel contractor for your needs. With exterior hotel renovations, there are many different services you may be in need of. For example, if you received a PIP you could be in need of exterior or interior remodels. These updates are typically larger scale projects and are best executed by a company with experience in the hotel renovation industry. You may just need a few repairs here and there whether it be to your EIFS or to your Porte-Cochere, again it is important to choose a contractor who is well versed in the unique needs of hotel properties.

Here are the top qualities you should look for when choosing a contracting company to renovate your hotel.

  1. Are they experienced in hospitality renovations & repairs?

  2. Have they worked with your brand?

  3. Can they provide value-engineered solutions?

  4. What services they offer (do you need design-build, bid & build or specific repair needs?)

  5. How long they have been in business

Do They Have Experience in Hotel Renovations & Repairs?

This quality is important for hoteliers looking to renovate. Hotel renovations have unique needs and processes, especially if they are flagged (branded hotels). Choosing a contractor who has experience working within the hospitality industry will make your 0 experience easy and painless.

When looking up a contractor for your hotel renovation make sure to search terms such as:

  • Hotel renovation company

  • Exterior hotel renovation company

  • Hotel remodeling company

  • Hotel Contractor

  • Hotel renovation companies

These search terms will help guide you to contracting companies that specialize in hotel renovations.

Have they worked with your brand?

Similar to the previous quality, finding a contractor who is experienced with your hotel's flag will save you time and headaches. Each brand typically has unique needs and requirements. In addition to this, when a hotel renovation company has many years of experience they will most likely have relationships with brands and their decision-makers which will make communication easy and more effective. When you work with hotel renovation companies that have renovated properties under the same flag as yours they will be able to roll out your project more efficiently.

Here are some tips on finding out if a contracting company has worked with your flag:

  • Hotel companies will typically list most brands they’ve worked with on the homepage of their website.

  • Another place to look for brands they have experience with is their portfolio or projects page. Here you will be able to see the work they’ve done for different brands in the industry.

  • If you are interested in a company's services you may also contact them to ask for a list of brands that they’ve completed projects for.

Although this is a great quality to look for in a contracting company, it shouldn’t deter you from choosing them if you don’t see your flag listed. For example, if the quality of their work is up to or exceeds your expectations and they are experienced hotel renovators they will still provide you with a more efficient and better renovation.

Can they provide value-engineered solutions?

A quality that should not be overlooked is a company’s ability to provide value-engineered solutions to its clients. When a company is large enough, they are able to volume purchase commercial quality products directly from the manufacturer. This volume purchasing allows them to value-engineer your project and provide you with bottom-line cost savings.

Contracting companies with 'in-house' relationships provide a major advantage over the individual design-contractor association, which can be very antagonistic at times.

To find Hotel Renovators who provide value-engineered solutions use these search terms:

  • Value-engineering contractor

  • hotel renovation company + value-engineering


  • Check the company’s website, “services” and “about” pages to see if they mention value-engineering.

What services do they offer?

Are you in need of design-build, bid & build, a brand conversion or

specific services/repair needs?

Are you in need of a full exterior renovation, EIFS repair, window replacement, brand conversion or design? Your choice of a contractor is reliant on what services your project needs and which company offers those services. Some contractors offer specific services while others specialize in a wide variety. While searching for a contractor, make sure that who you choose is experienced in the work your project needs.

If you’ve received a PIP for your hotel, it’s important to choose a contractor who has experience fulfilling PIPs & also a contractor who is experienced & specialized in the work required in your PIP. When you’re in need of repairs & independent renovations or brand conversions, make sure to choose a contractor who offers & is experienced in the work you need.

Typically, a renovation company or contractor will list out their services on their website. If you’ve found a contracting company that you are interested in, check out their services page to see if they can fulfill your renovation/repair needs.

To find a contractor who offers the services you need, try out these search terms:

  • Commercial EIFS repair contractor

  • Hotel PIP renovator

  • Commercial window replacement contractor

  • *insert your specific need* contractor

How long have they been in business?

During these uncertain times, finding a contractor who has stayed in business through other crises in our country can give hoteliers ease of mind when it comes to their hotel renovation or repair project.

Although this time has been tough on hospitality, it is not the first time the industry has taken a hit. It’s important to make sure that your contracting company can withstand the lows of the industry while also making the best of the highs.

When a contractor can adapt and survive a national crisis they prove that they are reliable and that your hotel renovation/repair will continue smoothly.

To learn more about how Amerail Systems can help roll out your renovation give us a call at (814) 456-8221 or check out our services page here.


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