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5 Benefits of Renovating Your Hotel

In the ever-changing world of the hotel/hospitality industry, renovating and updating your hotel from time to time is a sure way for hoteliers to improve and grow their business. As one of the top hotel renovation companies in the U.S. we know that the goal of any hotel renovation is to successfully fulfill not only the needs of travelers but also anticipate their wants when it comes to aesthetics and amenities. Making guests feel comfortable during their stay should be a top priority for all hoteliers when they plan on renovating their hotel.

The 5 benefits of renovating your hotel include:

  1. Elevate Guest Experience

  2. Increase Revenue

  3. Improve Functionality

  4. Gain a Competitive Edge

  5. Boost Employee Productivity & Morale

Improved Guest Experience

When renovating your hotel, honing in on improving your guest’s experience should be a top priority. 

A guest's first impression of the hotel happens as soon as they see the facade, and pull underneath the porte cochere. This first impression can have a great impact on how they view the rest of their stay. Having an up-to-date and beautifully renovated facade gives guests a sense of comfort and is the perfect way to welcome them to your property.

After seeing your newly renovated exterior, guests will be happy and relieved to know that you are a hotel that cares about keeping your property updated and will in turn expect to have a more pleasant stay. When guests are happy with the look and feel of a hotel upon check-in this can reduce any potential friction and increase the chance of them returning and recommending your hotel to others. 

Now that you’ve WOW’d them with your exterior, it’s time to bring it home with your interior. The lobby is your hotels chance to make a great second first impression. 

A freshly revamped and beautifully designed interior will create a comforting environment for not only the guests but the staff members as well and will give both a sense of excitement as they enter your hotel. 

Interior renovations provide hoteliers with the opportunity to improve the mood of their guests and employees by integrating local artwork to showcase their community, designing for work and gathering spaces, upgrading and modernizing amenities, adding eco-friendly features, and more. 

Even making simple upgrades like rearranging the furniture in your lobby to reflect current trends can help your guests feel more comfortable while also showing them that you care about the upkeep of the property.

Fitness and wellness are huge trends in the hotel design space. Giving guests spaces to improve their health and wellness during their stay can help set you apart from the competition. 

Having a fitness area in the hotel is a great outlet for travelers but including in-room fitness equipment in rooms can elevate their experience even more, especially for someone traveling on business who doesn’t have the time to find a gym 

To elevate your guest’s experience, try and think outside of the box of what they might need. This can lead to shining reviews and returning customers.

Increase Revenue & ROI

A well-designed hotel, whether interior or exterior, can lead to an increase in revenue and ROI. To get the best results, when renovating your hotel, ensure that your team designs with more up-to-date trends and aesthetics in mind. Making a few key updates will help attract more guests and increase your RevPAR.

Common areas and guest rooms are the most important areas to focus on. An outdated lobby or room can make the guest's stay unpleasant and can alter the way they feel about other aspects of the hotel that they may have enjoyed had it not been for the outdated designs. This attitude could affect if they choose to book or recommend your hotel in the future. Renovating can increase the chance that a guest will stay with and recommend your hotel again thus generating more revenue. Some simple ways to breathe new life into your hotel can be adding new artwork, furniture, or lighting to the space. 

Renovating your hotel is a great way to increase revenue but it's not the only way! 

Adding new common areas to the hotel such as a bar or restaurant can help generate extra revenue. Adding this new addition to your hotel can open up the opportunity for more locals to come in and check out your newly renovated hotel without having to book a room. This can help generate word-of-mouth marketing within your community in addition to increasing revenue through bar and food sales. 

Improve Functionality

Hoteliers are constantly trying to find ways to improve the functionality of their hotels. Focusing on functionality can lead to a successful renovation and can make a big difference to all parties involved in the hotel. An example of improving functionality on a smaller scale could be to rearrange your lobby. 

The lobby is the center of activities for guests, it’s used to check in and out, socialize, and relax. Rearranging your furniture or adding new focus points like plants or artwork can make the space feel brand new. Doing this can optimize the space you have, making it a more efficient layout for guests. Optimizing the space of the room for more activity in the lobby makes it easier for both the guests and staff. A simple rearrangement of furniture can turn your hotel lobby into a completely new one, making it easier to navigate while spending time in the lobby. Improving the functionality of the hotel will leave your guests wanting more!

If you plan on renovating soon, focus on key facilities like the lobby, guest rooms, conference rooms, or fitness centers. Keeping these areas up to date attracts a wide variety of guests and can lead to an increase in revenue. For example, installing the latest technology like modular furniture can maximize the use of available hotel room space. Making changes that both the guests and employees can benefit from is a sure way to improve the functionality of your hotel after renovations are complete. 

Gain a Competitive Edge

Keeping your hotel up to date and renovating when needed is a great way to remain competitive in the hospitality industry. With design trends always changing, it is important to stay on top of which trends are the most popular at that moment. 

When you are marketing your newly renovated hotel to your audience, focus on highlighting unique selling points that you may have added to the hotel that it didn’t have before. This is your opportunity to show potential guests that your hotel stands out among the competition. 

Some unique selling points that you could include when marketing your new renovation could be upgraded technology like mobile check-in and out or personalized guest experiences like an in-lobby bar. Adding amenities like these can boost and improve your employees' morale, making them more likely to perform better in the customer service area. Taking the time to train your staff will result in your guests being able to relax and unwind. Unique selling points and improved customer service are likely to garner more positive online reviews and increased word-of-mouth promotion overall giving you a competitive edge over your competitors. 

Knowing your market allows you to cater the renovations you plan on making to the guests you know are coming to visit. If you tend to have a high percentage of guests consistently staying more than 4 nights or if your hotel is in an area where traveling nursing is popular, consider renovating for extended-stay to attract them. Marketing is a key way to get the word out about your hotel while also helping gain a competitive edge against your competitors.

When new or old guests see that your hotel has been newly renovated, they are more likely to stay at your hotel rather than one that is outdated. Guests nowadays are looking for a modern hotel that provides the amenities they need during their stay. Staying on top of the trends and incorporating innovative features can make your hotel stand out on the market, overall giving you a competitive edge over the competitors in your area.

Boost Employee Productivity & Morale

Not only does a hotel renovation elevate the guests’ experience, but it also is a great way to boost employee productivity and morale. Providing the staff with updated facilities and a well-designed workspace can excite them and give them a sense of renewed pride, which can lead to an overall improvement in customer service. 

Whether you are renovating your hotel inside or outside, communication between your staff and guests is very important. Practicing communication skills during a renovation can help down the road after renovations are complete, allowing the staff to feel more comfortable when helping out guests. 

Keep your employees up to date on the timeline of the renovation so they can communicate to the guests what is going on, how long it should take, and where in the hotel the renovations are taking place. This will help to alleviate the concerns of both your guests and staff. Ensuring your employee's comfort after renovations is crucial because they are the ones present at the hotel daily. Adding fresh new touches can give employees a new outlook on the job, making their time on the clock more enjoyable. 

Staying up to date on PIP fulfillments and renovations is the best way to stay ahead of your competition and encourage guests to come back. 

Whenever you decide to renovate, make sure that your hotel is in the best hands and choose Amerail Systems as your hotel renovation company.


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