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Improving your Hotels Tech, Wellness, & Functionality

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

In today's fast-paced world, where guests have high expectations for their travel experiences, it is crucial for hotels to keep up with the latest technology, offer wellness amenities, and provide functional spaces that cater to the needs of their guests.

We’re exploring how to improve hotel tech, wellness, & functionality through the various companies helping to achieve these goals.

Hotels around the world have already begun to take steps to improve their technology, wellness, and functionality offerings. Many hotels are incorporating tech such as keyless entry, ai, and mobile apps that allow guests to control room temperature and lighting, order room service, and access local recommendations.

Wellness amenities are also trending, with hotels increasing the size of their fitness rooms as well as adding yoga studios and spa services. Additionally, hotels are redesigning their common areas to provide more functionality for guests to work and relax.

From integrating smart technology in hotel rooms to offering unique wellness experiences & creating more functional spaces, hotels have several options to enhance their guest experiences. With the help of innovative companies, hotels can create unforgettable experiences that meet the demands of todays travelers.

How to improve hotel tech, wellness, & functionality:

LifeSpan Fitness - Fitness Equipment & Exercise Desks:

How LifeSpan Fitness Can Improve Wellness, Functionality, & Tech in Hotels:

LifeSpan Fitness specializes in providing fitness equipment and wellness solutions to both consumers and businesses. By working with LifeSpan Fitness, hotels can not only improve their wellness offerings but also improve their tech & functionality all while enhancing the guest experience.

In-Room Fitness Equipment:

Guests today are prioritizing their health, and having the option to exercise in the privacy of their own room can be a huge perk.

Lifespan Fitness offers a range of in-room fitness equipment, including treadmills, ellipticals, and exercise bikes.

Because the equipment is compact and easy to use they make a great addition to any hotel room.

Multi-Functional Fitness Equipment:

Lifespan Fitness can also help hotels improve their functionality by providing multi-functional fitness equipment.

For example, they offer a treadmill desk that would allow guests to work while walking.

Recent trends in hotel design have shown that brands are opting for expanded gyms in place of computer rooms & working areas. With exercise desks from LifeSpan Fitness, hotels can expand their wellness spaces without sacrificing places for guests to work.

They also offer fitness equipment that can be used in a variety of spaces, including outdoor areas and common areas making your hotel even more functional.

Digital Solutions:

Finally, Lifespan Fitness can help hotels improve their technology by providing digital solutions for fitness tracking and wellness.

Their app launching in July of 2023 will allow users to track their workouts & progress while also providing personalized workout plans and nutrition advice.

By utilizing the brand and it’s upcoming app, hotels can enhance their guests' experiences and create a more engaging and interactive environment.

Ori Living - Modular Rooms/Furniture:

How Ori Living Can Improve Wellness, Functionality, & Tech in Hotels:

Ori Living provides beautiful modular room/furniture solutions that can significantly improve the functionality of hotel rooms.

Hotels often face the challenge of maximizing the use of available space in rooms while providing their guests with comfortable and convenient spaces.

Ori Living's modular solutions can help hotels overcome this challenge by creating multi-functional spaces that can be easily reconfigured based on guest needs. This is especially useful for long-term stay hotels where guests will have more need for livable, workable, and relaxing spaces.

Modular Furniture = Functionality:

Maximizing the use of available hotel room space can be accomplished with Ori Livings modular rooms which can be easily reconfigured based on hotel guest needs.

For example, Ori’s modular bed can be easily transformed into a desk/table during the day, allowing guests to use the same space for sleeping and working.

Ori also offers expandable closets that are disguised as entertainment centers or kitchenettes and are able to swiftly open when a guest is in need.

These modular spaces offered by Ori can allow hotels to truly maximize the available space in rooms to include areas for working, living, eating, and sleeping.

Additionally, their modular furniture is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that hotels can keep their spaces looking and feeling fresh for their guests.

Wellness Spaces:

Because of Ori Livings room changing capabilities, hotel guests could easily open their room up to a space where they can do yoga, pilates, and any other workouts they please.

Tech Elements:

Ori Living's solutions can help hotels improve their technology by providing guests with the ability to customize their rooms beyond lighting and temperature.

These fully customizable rooms could also include smart tvs & speakers to create an even more modern and personalized experience for the guest.

Robots - Exercise, Service, Chat:

How Robots Can Improve Wellness, Functionality, & Tech in Hotels:

Robots are one of the fastest-growing trends in the hotel industry because of their ability to improve technology, wellness, and functionality for guests and workers.

Robots in hotels are designed to provide a wide range of services to guests, and aid front desk associates & housekeeping.

With staffing shortages affecting the hospitality industry, adding robot butlers can help hotels improve efficiency & guest satisfaction.

These machines are capable of quickly completing tasks requested by guests, such as requests for extra amenities, so that front desk associates, housekeeping, & etc. can continue their work making the hotel as welcoming, and efficient as possible.

Not only does this reduce the strain on limited hotel staff but it also improves your guest's stay & may convince them to return again.

Exercise Robots:

Want to offer your guests a unique wellness experience without hiring extra staff?

One way robots are helping hotels increase their wellness offerings is through the use of exercise robots.

For example, the Zora robot from Zorabots can be used in hotels to lead exercise classes such as yoga, pilates, and aerobics for guests.

Robot Butlers:

In addition to the wellness offerings that robots like Zora can bring, robots are also being used to increase functionality in hotels.

Bots like the LG CLOi ServeBot & the Savioke/Relay Robotics-created robotic butlers can be used to clean and deliver room service items directly to guests.

Because of their ability to easily transport amenities to guests, these robots can help to improve efficiency and reduce the workload on hotel staff.

Other robots & ai chatbots such as the Zora robot can help in reducing the workload on staff and improving the guest experience by helping guests who are from out of town find places to visit and dine at.

Chat Bots:

One way that robots are helping hotels increase technology aside from the fact that they are technology is through the use of chatbots.

Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular and can be integrated into hotel websites and social media channels to provide guests with 24/7 customer service making that hotel even more competitive.

These chatbots can help hotel staff and guests by answering common questions, making reservations, and providing recommendations.


In conclusion, hotels should focus on continuously improving their offerings to meet the demands of today's guests.

The incorporation of technology, wellness amenities, and functional spaces will not only improve efficiency but will also create memorable experiences that will keep travelers coming back to your hotel.

Companies like LifeSpan Fitness offer fitness equipment and wellness solutions that enhance guest experiences and improve the functionality of hotels.

Ori Living provides modular furniture solutions that create multi-functional spaces that maximize room usage, making them comfortable and convenient for guests.

Robots are fast becoming popular in the hotel industry and can improve technology, wellness, and functionality while reducing staffing challenges.

Integrating these innovative solutions can improve guest satisfaction, leading to increased loyalty and business for hotels.


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