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5 Reasons to Renovate

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

2020 brings a new decade and with it an opportunity for hotel owners & management companies to refresh their investments/properties. 

If you’ve been contemplating renovating your property we’re here to give you the extra nudge you’ve been waiting for. From boutique to international brands, hotels everywhere are renovating their properties to appeal to the new majority travelers (millennials) with more modern and experiential design. 

Check out Amerail Systems 5 Reasons to Renovate below:

1. Increase your ROI 

  • Optimize your real estate value on your hotel investment

  • Increase RevPAR

2. Importance of Curb Appeal

  • Your guests first impression of your hotel will influence how they feel  about their entire stay & influence if they return/recommend you

  • Enhancing curb appeal will increase the likeliness of online bookers who see your renovated pictures online. Posting photos of your hotel  increases the likelihood of a traveler booking with you.

 According to a study done by TripAdvisor:

“Properties with at least one photo see an increase of +138% in travel engagement”

“Properties with more than 100 photos see an increase of +151% in travel engagement”

“Properties with more than 1,000 photos see an increase of +203% in travel engagement”

3. Increase Guest Satisfaction 

  • Renovations could include improvements like window replacements that make your guest spaces quieter, warmer, cooler and more energy efficient.

Switching out  your windows for more energy efficient windows can save you money on your operating costs. Read about why you should switch to energy efficient windows here (link to window blog)

  • Curb appeal can influence your guests first impression and mood throughout their stay. But it can also influence the mood and behavior of your staff. A newly renovated exterior can motivate your staff to perform even better & provide exceptional guest service. This in turn will prompt your guests to leave a great review & return to your property.

4. Stay Competitive

  • Have you noticed hotels in your compset have been renovated  recently or are renovating now? 

Renovating your hotel's exterior will keep you competitive with the hotels near yours that may be attracting more guests with a more modern look.

With so many new hotel builds popping up, current hotels need to stay up to date with renovations to remain competitive.

5. Stay up to date with your PIP/Franchise Requirements

  • Easily the most common reason to renovate, if you’ve received a PIP and are looking for an experienced hotel renovation company, contact us at Amerail Systems today.

PIPs are given to hotels to stay up to date with design trends as well as general upkeep of the look of hotels.

Hotels that stay up to date with their PIPs & Franchise requirements are more likely to see an increase to their ROI.

Now that you’re ready to refresh your property contact Amerail Systems today to get started on your hotels exterior renovation. 



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