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Hotel Design Trends 2023

What hotel guests want in 2023:

  • Increased/improved technology

  • High prices should equal high value (either in design or service)

  • Staff to be treated well and taken care of

  • Sustainability

  • Unique experiences

  • Local culture

  • Amenities that promote wellness

  • Easy stays - contactless check-in and keyless entry

  • Trendy and aesthetic design

If we had to describe hotel design in 2023 in 3 words we’d say:

Guest Knows Best

This year hotel designers everywhere really listened to the wants and needs of travelers and made sure that their hotel designs reflected them.

Extended Stay Hotel Design

Extended stay hotels are becoming one of the fastest-growing trends in the hospitality industry. Most hotel brands include at least one in their portfolio and nearly 35% of new builds are extended stay hotels.

In 2022 we saw hotel brands jumping on the opportunity to attract the bleisure traveler, the traveling nurse, and the extended vacationer by adding new extended stay hotels to their portfolios.

For example, Choice Hotels International, Inc. released its newest mid-scale extended stay brand, Everhome Suites while Wyndham rolled out its plan for Echo Suites which we’ll see in 2023.

Both hotels offer guests the opportunity to easily maintain their daily routines while being away from home.

Why is extended stay growing? With so many travelers now having the flexibility of remote work, people can and want to stay in hotels longer.

According to the American Express 2022 Global Travel Trends Report, 55% of American travelers were more willing to go on longer trips in 2022. This is mainly because people now have the ability to work from anywhere.

Extended stay is one of the biggest trends we’ll see moving into 2023 and on from there because they hold enormous potential for the current and future environment.

Guests are staying longer, traveling nurses want affordable and easy places to stay, and bleisure travelers aren’t going anywhere. Hotels should listen to what travelers want & take advantage of this demand by improving upon the past models of extended stay hotels.

Hotel designs that reflect this trend:

  • Blackout curtains

  • In-room laundry machines

  • Partitions separating sleeping areas from working/living areas

  • In-room kitchens

  • Improved technology

  • Guest-controlled lighting/temperature/TV/sound

Functional Hotel Design & Better Utilization of Space

Another key trend we’ll see in hotel design for 2023 is the functionality and usability of space.

Hotel design goals moving forward will be to make use of spaces and have an adaptable purpose for those spaces.

With so many travelers working remotely, it’s important to take their needs into consideration. Including semi-private areas for sleeping and working by adding partitions is one way that hotel design is adapting to the new traveler.

Hotel designs that reflect this trend:

  • Lots of storage in rooms (especially in extended stay hotels)

  • Shelving on the walls

  • Moveable designs/layouts

  • Partitions in rooms and lobbies to create a sense of space

  • Increase in the number of outlets & their accessibility

  • Furniture with USB ports

Increased Technology in Hotel Design

A key player in 2023 hotel design and one that will set your hotel apart from the competition is technology.

Guests want their hotel stays to include the same or higher level of tech that they have at home as well as an easy check-in process. Contactless check-in is here to stay, as well as keyless entry. Travelers are also more concerned with what tech amenities they have in their rooms.

Things like smart TVs in rooms so guests can access their subscriptions have been competitive advantages.

But now smart rooms are entering the stage. Guests will be able to customize their room's lighting, temperature, and entertainment all from their phones.

Hotel designs that reflect this trend:

  • Customizable lighting/ambiance

  • Smart TVs

  • Contactless/Keyless Check-in/Entry

  • Robot butlers

  • Furniture with USB ports

  • More outlets

  • Conference rooms that can accommodate zoom/virtual meetings & conferences

Designing for Wellness Travel & Sustainability

Hotel design largely takes a traveler's wants and needs into consideration. Though they change over time, you can always depend on a hotel to reflect the wants and needs of many.

Today's hotel and future hotel designs reflect what most of us have been craving in a post-pandemic world.

Wellness and sustainability were a couple of the top concerns for travelers in 2021/2022 and will probably remain top concerns for the next few years.

According to’s Sustainable Travel Report in 2021, 61% of travelers responded by saying that the pandemic inspired them to travel more sustainably. Coming in at 59%, are travelers who would spend more if it meant improving the sustainability of their trip according to a survey conducted by Expedia.

Most hotels now have sustainable practices and we will continue to see these practices grow. Designing a hotel with sustainability in mind can mean anything from using energy-efficient windows & solar energy where possible to providing bulk amenities and using materials native to the area.

While travelers seek out sustainable accommodations they are also searching for places to stay that offer amenities that promote wellness and fitness.

We’re seeing many brands pick up on this demand from guests including Hilton. If you’re staying at one of their many hotel brands you’re bound to find at least 1 peloton bike in your hotel gym as they’ve announced a partnership with the fitness brand to include the bikes across their portfolio.

Hotel designs that reflect this trend:

  • Larger outdoor spaces

  • Outdoor workspaces

  • In & out design - meshing indoor spaces with outdoor spaces using large windows and garage doors

  • Using natural materials

  • Outdoor dining areas

  • Energy efficient windows

  • Larger balconies

Opportunities for hotels to take advantage of wellness travel:

  • In-room fitness equipment

  • Treadmill desks in workspaces (or in rooms)

  • Expanded & usable outdoor spaces

Guests continue to search for these amenities and hotels should remember that It’s vital to include how they’re promoting guests' safety and health on their website, app, and social platforms.

Hotel Designs Reflecting Local Culture & Originality

There has been a shift in focus within the hospitality industry to make the hotel the destination. To do this, brands have begun to allow hotels to create designs that reflect their local culture and landscape.

With the demand for memorable, unique, local, and aesthetically pleasing spaces, hotel design will become less cookie-cutter and more customizable.

Travelers want to experience the local culture. In fact, according to the American Express 2022 Global Travel Trends Report, 81% of travelers want to immerse themselves into the local culture while 78% want to have a positive impact on the community they’re visiting.

Utilizing local culture in hotel design can improve the local economy and promote artists, craftspeople, and businesses. It will also encourage your guests to explore the area, and return another time.

Creating aesthetically pleasing spaces will encourage guests to take pictures of your hotel and share them on social media platforms which will help promote your property.

Go a step further and make it easy for guests to share pictures by adding a QR code linking to your social media or personalized hashtag for them to use near areas they would take pictures of - this will help hotels create user-generated content.

Hotel designs that reflect this trend:

  • Hyper-local design - local art, furniture, scents, books

  • Memorable WOW factors

  • Striking decor

  • Colors, patterns, & textures that reflect the locations environment & culture

  • Unique murals & light fixtures

  • Furniture that stands out and invites you in

  • Personalized room experiences with advanced tech

Homey Hotel Designs/Family Welcoming

Hotel design trends that are fairly new are spaces designed to feel homey and welcoming. Along with this are trends to make families feel more comfortable extending their stays by adding amenities for their pets while lifting restrictions.

According to the American Express 2022 Global Travel Trends Report, 76% of people wanted to travel more with family. Hotels have realized that accommodating family needs and the needs of their pets will encourage guests to stay longer

Hotel designs that reflect this trend:

  • Cozy and intimate lobbies

  • Segmented spaces for working, lounging, sleeping, and eating in lobbies and rooms

  • Pet beds in rooms

  • Designated outdoor spaces for pets

  • Bookshelves

  • In-room laundry machines

  • In-room kitchens

  • Moveable furniture

Exterior Hotel Design Trends We’re Seeing:

Modern & Dynamic Architectural Features

Most branded hotels are prototyped to some extent so to create unique experiences for guests, designers are adding unique structural elements to hotel design.

For example, an unconventional entrance, multiple color & texture options, cantilevered details, fins, or bulkheads are all ways hotels can set themselves apart from each other.

Exteriors continue to take on a more modern look with clean lines, modern colors, and structures framed in LED lights.

Customizable Lighting

Purposefully placed lights can dramatically transform your hotel especially if your staff is able to customize the colors and patterns displayed.

For example, the Hampton Inns V8 design, feature exterior light panels for a more modern look.

Textural Diversity

Textural diversity in exterior hotel design is here to stay. Designers are including more than one or two different exterior finishes giving their buildings even more dimension.

Trending Materials:

Textured Fiber Cement Siding


Cultured Stone

Reflective Glass




These design elements are chosen to help create unique exteriors and are made to fit and integrate into the local landscape or cityscape.

2023 Hotel Design Trends Wrap Up

It feels like over the last few years we've experienced a hotel design renaissance. Hotels have gone from cookie-cutter design to now meeting the demand for uniqueness and personality.

In 2023 we expect to see a boom in extended stay hotels and a demand for new builds and conversions. We also expect to see huge increases and advancements in hotel technology.

We're so excited to see what's to come and we'll keep you updated every step of the way.

Why does hotel design matter to us?

Hotels connect us to family and friends, provide us with new experiences, and are there for us when we need to rest along our journey. They’re there for your celebrations, new adventures your business deals, and family breakfasts.

No matter what is happening in our world, the hospitality industry has persevered while providing accommodations for weary & not-so-weary travelers.

They're there for us, so we're there for them.

At Amerail Systems we’re dedicated to providing top-tier, value-engineered renovations in the most efficient way possible so hotels can provide their guests with beautiful and comfortable spaces to gather and rest.

We do what we do best so hotels can do what they do best.

We aim for WOW.

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