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The Importance of Social Media in the Hotel Industry

There’s no doubt that social media can play a major role in a company or hotel’s success.

Platforms like Instagram and TikTok give hotel brands an easy and effective way to visually showcase their properties to potential guests.

Visuals are vital for a hotel’s success on social media as well as a few other factors.

When creating your hotel’s social media strategy take the following into consideration.

Your Audience - Finding your target audience is important to your social media strategy because it will allow you to figure out where and when to post your content and also what types of content your audience prefers.

Where & When to Post - Knowing where and when to target your audience is important and who you’re targeting could change between platforms. For example, if you are targeting Gen Z travelers you should put effort into platforms that are video centered such as Tiktok, YouTube and Instagram.

Brand Voice - How do you want your audience to perceive your brand online? Will you take a more serious route or will you partake in trends and try to create a more personable/relatable voice?

Type of Content - What to post is important and can change depending on the platform you’re posting on and who your audience is. Make sure to take both of these factors into consideration along with making sure your content is aesthetically pleasing.

Hotels have a great opportunity to grab the attention of their audience through social media by helping them imagine what their next vacation or trip could look like.


“Not all content will engage them but travel-related content likely will because it activates your guest’s imagination. Used creatively, travel content on social media can have a transportive effect on viewers, inspiring them to go on their own journey.” (

A well-made video or aesthetically pleasing photos of your hotel could inspire your next guest to stay with you.

Avani Hotels understands that social media is a powerful tool and have used it to their advantage by launching a TikTok page with engaging and travel-inspired content.

With very little competition on the platform so far this would be an ideal time for hotel brands to take advantage of TikTok as well as utilize the reels feature on Instagram.

You can follow them at @AvaniHotels on TikTok to see their guest’s experiences!


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