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  • Hotel Design Trends 2023

    What hotel guests want in 2023: Increased/improved technology High prices should equal high value (either in design or service) Staff to be treated well and taken care of Sustainability Unique experiences Local culture Amenities that promote wellness Easy stays - contactless check-in and keyless entry Trendy and aesthetic design If we had to describe hotel design in 2023 in 3 words we’d say: Guest Knows Best This year hotel designers everywhere really listened to the wants and needs of travelers and made sure that their hotel designs reflected them. Extended Stay Hotel Design Extended stay hotels are becoming one of the fastest-growing trends in the hospitality industry. Most hotel brands include at least one in their portfolio and nearly 35% of new builds are extended stay hotels. In 2022 we saw hotel brands jumping on the opportunity to attract the bleisure traveler, the traveling nurse, and the extended vacationer by adding new extended stay hotels to their portfolios. For example, Choice Hotels International, Inc. released its newest mid-scale extended stay brand, Everhome Suites while Wyndham rolled out its plan for Echo Suites which we’ll see in 2023. Both hotels offer guests the opportunity to easily maintain their daily routines while being away from home. Why is extended stay growing? With so many travelers now having the flexibility of remote work, people can and want to stay in hotels longer. According to the American Express 2022 Global Travel Trends Report, 55% of American travelers were more willing to go on longer trips in 2022. This is mainly because people now have the ability to work from anywhere. Extended stay is one of the biggest trends we’ll see moving into 2023 and on from there because they hold enormous potential for the current and future environment. Guests are staying longer, traveling nurses want affordable and easy places to stay, and bleisure travelers aren’t going anywhere. Hotels should listen to what travelers want & take advantage of this demand by improving upon the past models of extended stay hotels. Hotel designs that reflect this trend: Blackout curtains In-room laundry machines Partitions separating sleeping areas from working/living areas In-room kitchens Improved technology Guest-controlled lighting/temperature/TV/sound Functional Hotel Design & Better Utilization of Space Another key trend we’ll see in hotel design for 2023 is the functionality and usability of space. Hotel design goals moving forward will be to make use of spaces and have an adaptable purpose for those spaces. With so many travelers working remotely, it’s important to take their needs into consideration. Including semi-private areas for sleeping and working by adding partitions is one way that hotel design is adapting to the new traveler. Hotel designs that reflect this trend: Lots of storage in rooms (especially in extended stay hotels) Shelving on the walls Moveable designs/layouts Partitions in rooms and lobbies to create a sense of space Increase in the number of outlets & their accessibility Furniture with USB ports Increased Technology in Hotel Design A key player in 2023 hotel design and one that will set your hotel apart from the competition is technology. Guests want their hotel stays to include the same or higher level of tech that they have at home as well as an easy check-in process. Contactless check-in is here to stay, as well as keyless entry. Travelers are also more concerned with what tech amenities they have in their rooms. Things like smart TVs in rooms so guests can access their subscriptions have been competitive advantages. But now smart rooms are entering the stage. Guests will be able to customize their room's lighting, temperature, and entertainment all from their phones. Hotel designs that reflect this trend: Customizable lighting/ambiance Smart TVs Contactless/Keyless Check-in/Entry Robot butlers Furniture with USB ports More outlets Conference rooms that can accommodate zoom/virtual meetings & conferences Designing for Wellness Travel & Sustainability Hotel design largely takes a traveler's wants and needs into consideration. Though they change over time, you can always depend on a hotel to reflect the wants and needs of many. Today's hotel and future hotel designs reflect what most of us have been craving in a post-pandemic world. Wellness and sustainability were a couple of the top concerns for travelers in 2021/2022 and will probably remain top concerns for the next few years. According to’s Sustainable Travel Report in 2021, 61% of travelers responded by saying that the pandemic inspired them to travel more sustainably. Coming in at 59%, are travelers who would spend more if it meant improving the sustainability of their trip according to a survey conducted by Expedia. Most hotels now have sustainable practices and we will continue to see these practices grow. Designing a hotel with sustainability in mind can mean anything from using energy-efficient windows & solar energy where possible to providing bulk amenities and using materials native to the area. While travelers seek out sustainable accommodations they are also searching for places to stay that offer amenities that promote wellness and fitness. We’re seeing many brands pick up on this demand from guests including Hilton. If you’re staying at one of their many hotel brands you’re bound to find at least 1 peloton bike in your hotel gym as they’ve announced a partnership with the fitness brand to include the bikes across their portfolio. Hotel designs that reflect this trend: Larger outdoor spaces Outdoor workspaces In & out design - meshing indoor spaces with outdoor spaces using large windows and garage doors Using natural materials Outdoor dining areas Energy efficient windows Larger balconies Opportunities for hotels to take advantage of wellness travel: In-room fitness equipment Treadmill desks in workspaces (or in rooms) Expanded & usable outdoor spaces Guests continue to search for these amenities and hotels should remember that It’s vital to include how they’re promoting guests' safety and health on their website, app, and social platforms. Hotel Designs Reflecting Local Culture & Originality There has been a shift in focus within the hospitality industry to make the hotel the destination. To do this, brands have begun to allow hotels to create designs that reflect their local culture and landscape. With the demand for memorable, unique, local, and aesthetically pleasing spaces, hotel design will become less cookie-cutter and more customizable. Travelers want to experience the local culture. In fact, according to the American Express 2022 Global Travel Trends Report, 81% of travelers want to immerse themselves into the local culture while 78% want to have a positive impact on the community they’re visiting. Utilizing local culture in hotel design can improve the local economy and promote artists, craftspeople, and businesses. It will also encourage your guests to explore the area, and return another time. Creating aesthetically pleasing spaces will encourage guests to take pictures of your hotel and share them on social media platforms which will help promote your property. Go a step further and make it easy for guests to share pictures by adding a QR code linking to your social media or personalized hashtag for them to use near areas they would take pictures of - this will help hotels create user-generated content. Hotel designs that reflect this trend: Hyper-local design - local art, furniture, scents, books Memorable WOW factors Striking decor Colors, patterns, & textures that reflect the locations environment & culture Unique murals & light fixtures Furniture that stands out and invites you in Personalized room experiences with advanced tech Homey Hotel Designs/Family Welcoming Hotel design trends that are fairly new are spaces designed to feel homey and welcoming. Along with this are trends to make families feel more comfortable extending their stays by adding amenities for their pets while lifting restrictions. According to the American Express 2022 Global Travel Trends Report, 76% of people wanted to travel more with family. Hotels have realized that accommodating family needs and the needs of their pets will encourage guests to stay longer Hotel designs that reflect this trend: Cozy and intimate lobbies Segmented spaces for working, lounging, sleeping, and eating in lobbies and rooms Pet beds in rooms Designated outdoor spaces for pets Bookshelves In-room laundry machines In-room kitchens Moveable furniture Exterior Hotel Design Trends We’re Seeing: Modern & Dynamic Architectural Features Most branded hotels are prototyped to some extent so to create unique experiences for guests, designers are adding unique structural elements to hotel design. For example, an unconventional entrance, multiple color & texture options, cantilevered details, fins, or bulkheads are all ways hotels can set themselves apart from each other. Exteriors continue to take on a more modern look with clean lines, modern colors, and structures framed in LED lights. Customizable Lighting Purposefully placed lights can dramatically transform your hotel especially if your staff is able to customize the colors and patterns displayed. For example, the Hampton Inns V8 design, feature exterior light panels for a more modern look. Textural Diversity Textural diversity in exterior hotel design is here to stay. Designers are including more than one or two different exterior finishes giving their buildings even more dimension. Trending Materials: Textured Fiber Cement Siding Brick Cultured Stone Reflective Glass Metal Stucco Wood These design elements are chosen to help create unique exteriors and are made to fit and integrate into the local landscape or cityscape. 2023 Hotel Design Trends Wrap Up It feels like over the last few years we've experienced a hotel design renaissance. Hotels have gone from cookie-cutter design to now meeting the demand for uniqueness and personality. In 2023 we expect to see a boom in extended stay hotels and a demand for new builds and conversions. We also expect to see huge increases and advancements in hotel technology. We're so excited to see what's to come and we'll keep you updated every step of the way. Why does hotel design matter to us? Hotels connect us to family and friends, provide us with new experiences, and are there for us when we need to rest along our journey. They’re there for your celebrations, new adventures your business deals, and family breakfasts. No matter what is happening in our world, the hospitality industry has persevered while providing accommodations for weary & not-so-weary travelers. They're there for us, so we're there for them. At Amerail Systems we’re dedicated to providing top-tier, value-engineered renovations in the most efficient way possible so hotels can provide their guests with beautiful and comfortable spaces to gather and rest. We do what we do best so hotels can do what they do best. We aim for WOW. See how at

  • 5 Ways to Keep Guests Happy During a Hotel Renovation

    Hotel renovations are a part of every hotelier's journey whether it’s fulfilling a PIP, repairing EIFS, or just wanting to stay competitive. While they may seem like an inconvenience, hotel renovations & PIPs are meant to help by keeping your hotel competitive, increasing the property value, and most importantly for this guide - improving the guest experience. As a hotel owner, manager, etc. you may worry about the impact renovations will have on your hotel operations. Wondering if you’ll be able to get heads in beds while also keeping those heads (guests) happy is a very normal concern but proper planning will provide you with ease of mind and make the renovation/PIP fulfillment process less stressful on you and your team. This guide focuses on how to keep guests happy during a hotel renovation but you can ensure guest satisfaction before construction begins by choosing the right design-build contractor. For that reason, our first point is why choosing the right design-build hotel renovation company can help keep hotel guests happy during a renovation. 1. Choosing the Right Design-Build Hotel Renovation Company When renovating a hotel it’s vital to choose a hotel renovation company that is experienced in and specializes in hotel renovations. Because of the uniqueness of hospitality renovations, choosing an experienced hospitality contractor will make your job as a hotel owner, manager, etc., and your team's jobs much easier. For example, at Amerail Systems, we have over 35 years of experience designing and renovating hotels nationwide. Because of this extensive experience, we understand the unique needs of hotel owners, managers, and everyone involved. Our unique knowledge makes us able to provide cost-saving, value-engineered design solutions so you can achieve the best ROI. We’re also dedicated to keeping your hotel as operational as possible. Our team of expert communicators will work with hotel management to develop a renovation schedule that is the least interruptive to your guests. Once you’ve secured the right design-build contractor for your hotel renovations it’s time to plan how you’ll keep your guests happy. Amerail Systems is here to help you with that as well. Below are 4 more ways hoteliers can reduce complaints and keep guests happy during a hotel renovation. Now for one of the easiest and best ways to reduce complaints… 2. Communication Like most things in life, communication & transparency are the keys to success and understanding during hotel renovations. Being transparent and informing guests about your renovation happenings before their stay will prevent them from being shocked and maybe displeased if they were to see debris or dust in areas being remodeled. Being transparent about construction may seem like a risky move but not informing your guests may lead to more complaints not only about the renovations but also because they were unaware of them. When should you inform guests of your hotel renovations? You can communicate with your guests about your property's renovations before they check-in, while they check-in, before they book with you, and you can and should communicate with them after they’ve checked out as well. Here are some ways you can effectively communicate your renovations with your potential, current, and returning guests: Email Guests About Renovations Before their Arrival & After their Stay Suppose you’ve chosen Amerail Systems as your hotel renovator. In that case, you can take this opportunity to emphasize that you’re working with an experienced, guest-friendly contracting company and that a schedule has been arranged so guests are not disturbed. This is also an opportunity to drum up excitement by including renderings of what your hotel will look like after it’s been remodeled and highlighting how they will improve their future experience at your hotel. Make sure to include how much you value them as a guest and that they can come to you with any questions or concerns. When guests check out you can send them an email thanking them for their stay and their patience with your renovations. As a bonus, you could invite them back to stay with you when your hotel is fully renovated and, if you’re able to, add a discount to encourage their booking. Post on Social Media A free and easy way to communicate with people is by utilizing social media. If your hotel is able to take advantage of platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, it should. These platforms give you the opportunity to easily share what’s going on at your hotel and keep potential guests up to date on your renovations. Here are some ideas for renovation posts: Before photos alongside renderings of your future look How renovations will improve the guest stay Timelines informing guests of when renovations will begin Progress photos to promote the renovations The finished results to encourage bookings If you’re not sure where to start with social media see our Ultimate Hotel Social Media Guide. Your Website To be as transparent as possible with guests who want to stay at your hotel while it’s undergoing renovations, you can add a disclaimer to your website informing travelers of the renovations. If this is something that is possible for you, make sure to add when the renovations will be happening and where. 3. Signage Adding signage throughout your hotel regarding hotel renovations is a great way to show that you acknowledge that the remodel may be inconvenient for guests. It also helps ensure that guests are informed about the renovations and can be an opportunity to promote your hotel's future look. Phrases like “Pardon our dust” and “We’re renovating your future stay” are great ways to let guests know what’s going on and why there may be some debris outside or why one hallway may look newer than another. Signage can also be a great resource in promoting your renovations. Printing out renderings of what your hotel will look like once the remodel is completed and posting them in common areas can get guests excited to return and experience the new look. Need ideas for “Pardon our Dust” signage? Check out our Extra Renovation Resources. 4. Discounts & Re-Openings Our fourth way to keep guests happy during a hotel renovation is to offer them a discounted rate on their future stay when your renovations are complete. If you’re unable to do this, finding something else that’s comparable can also be beneficial. For example, you could offer complimentary breakfast or offer a free room upgrade if available. Another way to get guests excited about your remodel and encourage future stays is to invite them to a grand re-opening party once construction is completed. Even if your hotel remains operational during your renovations, you can still celebrate the completed remodel with a symbolic re-opening party. The event can include a discounted rate, a tour of the renovated hotel including before photos, food & drinks, and even music if you’d like. This can be a great way to connect with guests and employees while celebrating your hotel's new look. 5. Plan Renovations Around your Busy Seasons One of our biggest pieces of advice for hoteliers is to start planning your hotel renovations as soon as possible. Timelines are increasing due to due to staffing shortages and supply chain issues and the sooner you put your renovation in motion, the more likely it is to be completed on time and on budget. Beginning the renovation process sooner rather than later also gives you enough time to think about when you want the physical remodel to happen. When planning for hotel construction, make sure to consider when your hotel is at its busiest, or if you have any events occurring. Working with a contractor experienced in hotel renovations will make it easier to schedule renovations around your busy season and events. While interior renovations can be completed at any time of the year, exterior renovations typically must be completed in temperatures above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of this, it can be easier to schedule interior hotel renovations around your busy season and events while scheduling exterior renovations can be trickier. But if your hotel is located in a climate where it is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit for most of the year you should have no problem scheduling renovations around your busy season or events. When you schedule renovations around times when your hotel may be the busiest or most sought-after for events, you prevent having too many people affected by the renovations occurring. Contact Us today to get a head start on your hotel renovation. Conclusion Although it may not be possible to ensure that every guest remains perfectly happy during a renovation it is possible to ensure that you have done everything you can to make them happy. We encourage you to use whichever methods are best for your hotel and even use this list as inspiration during your next PIP fulfillment, renovation, or repair. Ready to take the first step? Learn more about our hotel renovation services here.

  • Hotel CapEx Budgets & Renovations

    Preparing for Hotel CapEx Budgets & Hotel Renovations Every year hotel owners everywhere share a common goal to complete their CapEx budgets or Capital Expenditure budgets. A CapEx budget for hotels refers to long-term improvement costs that prolong the economic life of the hotel. These “long-term” costs include improvements and purchases for the hotel that will last approximately one to thirty years. Because the costs factored into a CapEx budget are long-term, they will include improvements and purchases such as repairing EIFS damage, painting the exterior of your hotel, purchasing a photocopier, full-scale renovations, and more along those lines. As hotel owners prepare their 2023 CapEx budgets it’s important for them to remember what they can and should include in those budgets. For the purpose of this guide, we will be focusing on why hoteliers can and should include renovation and repair costs into their CapEx budgets. Why should hotel owners include renovation & repair costs in their CapEx budgets? As the hospitality industry recovers we are seeing an increase in demand for traveling and with it, an increase in demand for clean, updated, and trendy spaces. This demand comes not only from travelers but also from the brands themselves. It seems that a hiatus of 2 years during the pandemic has motivated hotel brands to reinvigorate themselves to stay in touch with consumer wants and needs. Hotel brands have gone full steam ahead with this reinvigoration, including and not limited to, developing new marketing strategies, re-brands, re-inforced brand standards (i.e. PIPs), and increased social activity from almost every hotel chain. Along with all of this? Fresh and trendy hotel design standards arriving in the form of PIPs. A PIP or property Improvement Plan is a set of standards set by a hotel brand and given to a hotel under that brand's flag to complete within a given time frame. These standards include improvements to be made to the property and can be anything from updating technology to a full-scale hotel renovation. These improvements are meant to increase the value of the hotel while simultaneously keeping them competitive with other newer, or recently renovated properties. In addition to the assumed benefit of PIPs, a study done in 2019 by Michael J. Turner and James W. Hesford revealed that capital expenditure on hotel renovations was vital to improving hotel property performance. In this study titled “The Impact of Renovation Capital Expenditure on Hotel Property Performance”, the pair found a significant increase in revenue, profitability, and guest satisfaction 0-3 years after a renovation while R&M expenses decreased. This study shows us that PIPs can lead to increased hotel performance and including renovation and repair costs in your CapEx budgets can help you prepare for them. If you haven’t received a PIP yet, it’s best to be prepared for when that day comes. We predict that most major hotel brands will be enforcing hotels under their flags to complete PIPs by at least 2025. With lead times and costs increasing, it’s better to get the PIP fulfillment process started as early as possible. Including renovation and repair costs in your hotel’s CapEx budget can help you be prepared for almost anything. Plan your PIP fulfillment today. Contact Us What to include in your CapEx budget? Keeping the focus on long-term renovations and repairs to your hotel, Chief engineers will typically put together a list of fixtures, appliances, etc that may need to be repaired or replaced in the next year. But if your hotel has received a PIP or is expecting a PIP (property improvement plan) that includes a complete renovation then it would be more prudent to include the FF&E that needs repaired/replaced within the renovation/PIP allocation of your CapEx budget. This will help hotel general managers and owners better understand how much they should be budgeting for. How Amerail Systems Helps with CapEx: As a hotel renovation company, we understand the importance and urgency of budgeting for hotel renovations and repairs. Hotel owners can rely on Amerail Systems to help them budget for renovations and repairs and how to allocate those funds for hotel renovations to their CapEx budget. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, we’re able to effortlessly examine a PIP and provide hotel owners with costs to figure into their CapEx budgets for the year. Determine how much to invest in your CapEx budget for hotel renovations. Contact Us How much to reinvest in CapEx? A hotel owner's main concern when preparing their CapEx budget may be wondering how much to reinvest or spend on CapEx. On average, hotels are re-investing around 7% of their gross revenue each year but studies show that this could increase by about 70% by 2024. To calculate your hotels capital expenditure you can use the formula below: CapEx = PP&E (current period) - PP&E (prior period) + Depreciation (current period) *Your depreciation expense can be found in your income statement* While this formula can help you discover what to base your CapEx on, it’s important to consider things that could improve your hotel but may not be determined by a formula. For example, increased guest satisfaction from hotel renovations, and increased employee happiness from new equipment. These additional costs in your CapEx budget must be determined at the owner's discretion. To make this process easier and less ambiguous, Amerail Systems can help hotel owners determine hotel renovation costs to include in their CapEx budgets. Statement from Amerail Systems Costs and lead times are increasing all over the world, at Amerail Systems we are committed to providing clients with the best price available and we succeed in this because of our extensive value-engineering abilities. Being prepared and including renovation costs in your hotel CapEx budgets may be the difference between you and your competition. We’re here to help your hotel succeed. We aim for WOW.

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  • Marketing Assistant Position | Amerail Systems

    Marketing Assistant Position Part-time Marketing Assistant Amerail Systems Inc. | Erie, PA 20-30 hours/week at $15/hr The first month is spent in the office but after it’s flexible (½ In-Office & ½ Remote) ​ Description of Company & Position: A little about us: We are a nationwide hotel renovation company based in Erie, PA. Our work consists of designing, remodeling, and repairing hotels around the country. We’ve been in business for over 35 years and are continuously growing both in business and as a team. About the position: This position will give you the opportunity to learn and practice marketing skills that will prepare you for your future career. It will also allow you to gain experience in a unique industry which will make you a more creative thinker and problem solver. This is a new position and was created to aid our current marketing efforts. The Marketing Assistant will assist, learn from, and report to the Marketing Manager. Some of the main responsibilities will include: Posting consistently on social media Designing and writing social media posts Researching topics for our blog Assisting with creative content ideas Staying organized Working with the marketing manager to come up with new ideas Communication Benefits/Work Environment: $15/hr pay Flexible in-office/remote hours Holidays off Leave at noon on Fridays Relaxed work environment - business casual - tattoos, piercings etc. welcome Learn about the contracting/drafting/construction/hospitality industry while honing your marketing skillset An ever-improving company culture Christmas lunch! (last year we had an ugly Christmas sweater competition) Hands-on experience in almost every aspect of marketing (Email, SEO, SEM, Social Media, Design, Tradeshow, Content Creation, Photo Editing, and Video Creation) Potential for a future full-time position Marketing Intern Job Responsibilities: Assist Marketing Manager with all company Marketing efforts while learning valuable and tangible skills. Collaborate with the Marketing Manager on creative ideas/copy for social media posts Write copy and schedule posts for social media Assist with designing graphics and creating reels for social media posts Help to come up with ways to improve company culture, team events, etc. Communicate effectively and efficiently with colleagues & people (podcasters, publications, vendors) in the hospitality industry via email, phone, social media, and in person Help to keep marketing efforts organized Assist with promotional emails and other marketing collateral Participate in marketing brainstorming sessions Take part in training opportunities that may arise Help grow our social media following/Connect with hospitality leaders on LinkedIn and invite them to our page Assist in analyzing site performance Research topics and keywords we can use as blogs that will help increase our search rankings Research and collect information relevant to blog topics, outreach, etc. Competitive market research Update and keep the email subscribers list organized Collect/curate before, during, and after images of our projects from Procore (our cloud-based construction management software) and add them to labeled folders that can be utilized when creating a new project page on our website Ask questions, learn new things, teach us new things, and have fun Marketing Intern Qualifications / Skills: A desire to learn Understanding of basic marketing principles Basic photography, image, and video editing, and graphic design skills Eye for graphic design - able to design with brand standards in mind Ability to come up with creative, well-written social media copy Creative thinking & problem-solving skills that will help you and Amerail Systems grow Comfortable with multitasking Thrives in a space where you can brainstorm and bounce ideas off one another Strong organizational skills - keep to-do lists, calendars, questions, ideas, etc. organized Ability to research, collect, and compile information for blogs Excellent written and verbal communication skills Understanding of how to best utilize each social media platform Ability to create reels/TikTok videos Knows & stays on top of social media trends & trends in the industry once familiar with it Education & Requirements: Working towards a bachelor’s degree in marketing or… Able to provide examples of work in marketing such as successful social media, graphic design abilities, writing abilities, organizational habits, and an understanding of what marketing is, its purpose, and how to apply it to our business. A current college junior (or will be a junior in the fall of 2023) (If applicable) Successful completion of introductory courses in marketing (If applicable) Proficient with the use of Google Suite (Docs, Sheets, etc.) & Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.) Experience in graphic design using Canva (or a similar platform) - Ability to design social graphics, banners, etc. What WOWs us: Good wit and a sense of humor Excited to learn & grow Experience with the use of Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Indesign, Premiere Rush, etc.) Experience with Google Analytics using GA4 & Google Ads Experience with or knowledge of how to use social media management tools (Hootsuite) Experience with or knowledge of how to use email marketing software (constant contact) To Apply: ​ Please email your resume and a couple of sentences on why you’d like this position and why you’d be an excellent fit to . For example… ​ Are you excited about the work environment, the experience you’ll gain, both, or something else? Why does this role excite you? Do you have a creative mindset and the ability to design social graphics as well as write copy, are you highly organized, both, or something else? How do you fit into the role described? ​ Candidates are encouraged to include one or more of the following: ​ Highly Preferred: Examples of graphic design work you’ve done for school/freelancing Preferred: Examples of any writing you’ve done Preferred: Examples of photography (iPhone photography acceptable) Preferred: Examples of any projects you’re proud of Apply Now

  • Thanksgiving Food Drive 2022 | Amerail Systems

    A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll-free, within Pennsylvania, 1-800-732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.

  • Hotel Renovation Company | Amerail Systems | Top Hotel Renovation Companies | United States

    Nationwide Hotel Renovation Company View Our Services A Hospitality Renovation Company that aims for WOW. Receive a better hotel renovation & more efficient PIP fulfillment. Get Started on your Renovation Learn More about our Services Amerail Systems has remained one of the top hotel renovation companies for over 35 years. During that time, we have successfully completed hotel renovations on over 2400 hotels nationwide. We Specialize in Providing Turnkey Hotel Renovations Utilizing: Design-Build In-house Project Management Superior Construction ​ Guest Sensitive Crews Courtyard by Marriott Hotel Renovation | Wood Dale, IL| Hotel Renovation Company Amerail Systems As a Design-Build Hotel Renovation Company We Provide: Hotel designs & 3D color renderings based on your hotel's PIP expectations as well as complete hotel renovations from start to finish with our own guest-sensitive crews and professional project managers. Keep your Hotel Fully Operational in a Remodel As one of the top hotel renovation companies in the U.S., we know how to provide the best hotel remodel services while keeping your hotel fully operational. ​ (So you can maintain your bottom line, increase RevPAR & overall guest satisfaction.) OUR ADVANTAGE YOUR ADVANTAGE A Better Hotel Renovation Contact Us value-engineered savings with design-build 3D color renderings of hotel renovation faster & more efficient construction process aggressive timeline ability to work with fully operative hotels guest sensitive crews THE AMERAIL ADVANTAGE Amerail Systems is an approved hotel renovation company for Marriott Hotels, Hilton, Choice Hotels, Best Western Hotels, IHG & more. As one of the top hotel renovation companies with over 35+ years of experience, we understand the unique needs of the hospitality renovation industry. ​ We have successfully completed thousands of hotel renovations across the country & specialize in all types of upgrades. We're not just a "hotel renovation company", we're also a: Hotel Repair Company Energy-Efficient Hotel Window Installation Company ​ Hotel Brand Conversion Company ​ Exterior Hotel Renovation Company ​ Hotel EIFS Repair Company ​ READ MORE Reviews from Hoteliers like you "I have renovated several hotels from the outside in, and I have yet to find a company more professional and capable than Amerail." William Irick Hampton Inn, Santee, SC quotation From start to finish Amerail was by our side, helping guide us with their experience. With their extensive experience they were able to provide great cost saving ideas without sacrificing quality, in fact they enhanced our quality with the recommendations due to the fact they knew what would and wouldn't work. Amerail worked directly with all subs and with the brand to ensure we met all the specifications required. I have renovated several hotels from the outside in, and I have yet to find a company more professional and capable than Amerail. ​ William Irick Hampton Inn, Santee, SC See Full Project OUR HOTEL TRANSFORMATIONS We're here to provide you with a top hotel renovation ... How did you find us? Google/Search Engine Social Media Recommended by friend or colleague Google Ad Other By submitting this form I agree to Amerail Systems terms & privacy policy including recieving newsletters and updates from Amerail. You may unsubscribe easily at any time. View our Submit Thanks for submitting!

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