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  • 5 Ways ChatGPT Can Benefit Hotels & their Guests

    One main goal in hospitality is to ensure the highest guest satisfaction possible. To achieve this goal, hotels are constantly searching for ways to decrease friction and make serving hotel guests more efficient. A new way to achieve this goal (and many others) has emerged in the form of ChatGPT and AI. From 24/7 availability to improved efficiency & guest satisfaction, tools like ChatGPT can help improve the guest experience and streamline hotel operations. In this month's blog, we’re exploring the ways ChatGPT can help hotels provide a better experience for their guests and improve their overall operations. So, whether you're a hotel owner or manager looking for ways to make guest stays seamless and enjoyable, read on to learn how ChatGPT can make a difference. Here are 5 ways hotels can benefit from ChatGPT: 1. 24/7 Availability: AI chatbots can provide round-the-clock customer service. This can be particularly useful for guests from different time zones or those who need assistance outside of regular business hours. Hotels can become more efficient by integrating ChatGPT or other chatbots to allow guests to make requests and modify their reservations through the hotel's website, mobile app, or even by text at any time. How it would work: Once the guest requests to modify their reservation, the chatbot can guide them through the steps to fulfill their changes. This AI tech could also provide real-time information on availability and pricing and even encourage the guests to upgrade their stay. If the request requires additional approval or attention from a human, the chatbot could be forwarded to an agent who can provide further assistance. Once a human agent has processed and confirmed the request, the chatbot can send a confirmation message to the guest and update the reservation details accordingly. 2. Cost-Effective: AI chatbots are a cost-effective alternative to human customer service representatives, allowing hotels to save money on staffing costs. They can handle a large volume of inquiries and requests simultaneously, freeing up human staff to focus on other important tasks. How it would work: by implementing an AI chatbot like ChatGPT, the hotel can handle a large volume of inquiries and requests simultaneously without having to hire additional staff. ChatGPT can be available 24/7 to respond to customer inquiries, provide quick and accurate answers to frequently asked questions, and resolve simple issues. This can help reduce hotel staff workload, freeing them up to focus on other tasks that require more complex problem-solving or personalized attention. 3. Improved Efficiency/Guest Satisfaction: Chatbots can provide round-the-clock assistance and immediate responses to guest inquiries, which can lead to faster problem resolution and less stress on hotel staff. This improves the overall efficiency of the hotel and increases guest satisfaction by reducing wait times and guest friction. How it would work: Guests would take to the AI-integrated software provided by the hotel to ask for items and information that they’re in need of and the chatbot would then respond with answers, suggestions, wait time for items, and in some instances could even communicate with robot butlers in the hotel that would deliver amenities right to the guest room. Much like utilizing chatbots to modify reservations, a human agent might still be required to fill requests such as delivering extra towels, toiletries, etc. unless a hotel is equipped with robot butlers. Allowing guests to make requests for items such as these through a chatbot can save front desk agents and other hotel staff valuable time and stress. Instead of having to collect and respond to requests, the employee can focus on those waiting to make reservations and/or check-in. Once they have a moment or if they have someone on staff able to run items to a room they can review requests made by guests and fulfill them. In the meantime, the chatbot can provide guests who are requesting items with an estimated wait time and answer any questions about the hotel, it’s amenities or even give suggestions for things to do and places to eat nearby. 4. Personalized Service: AI chatbots can be programmed to recognize and remember guest preferences, allowing them to provide personalized service to guests. This can include everything from room preferences to dining recommendations and local attraction suggestions. How it would work: Let’s say a guest is staying at your hotel and has a few questions about the hotel's amenities and services. They would send a message to the hotel's chatbot integration, and it would respond with quick and accurate answers to his questions. However, chatbots like ChatGPT can also use things like advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to review a guest's previous interactions, as well as their booking history, preferences, and interests. Based on the information collected, the chatbot could then offer personalized recommendations tailored to the guest's individual preferences. For example, if a guest typically requests extra towels, pillows, etc. the chatbot could include this fact in a reservation ensuring that those extras are in the room before the guest checks in. These personalization's could even extend into suggesting nearby restaurants that serve a guest's favorite meal or recommend activities that align with their interests. It might also offer personalized promotions or discounts based on the loyalty status or previous bookings of a guest. By providing personalized recommendations and suggestions, ChatGPT and other chatbots can enhance a guest's overall experience and make them feel more valued as a guest. This can lead to increased loyalty, positive reviews, and higher revenue for the hotel. 5. Language Support: AI chatbots can be programmed to support multiple languages, allowing hotels to serve guests from all over the world. This can be particularly helpful for hotels located in popular tourist destinations. How it would work: To overcome language barriers when checking in and catering to guests, hotels can implement a chatbot like ChatGPT with multilingual capabilities that can translate messages from one language to another, enabling guests and staff to communicate with each other more effectively. For example, if a hotel guest who speaks Spanish needs assistance, they could send a message to the chatbot in Spanish, and it could then translate the message into a language the hotel staff would understand. Similarly, if a staff member who speaks English needs to communicate with a guest who speaks French, chatbots with multilingual capabilities can translate messages between the two languages in real time. By providing language assistance, ChatGPT can help improve the overall guest experience, as well as enhance the hotel staff's ability to communicate effectively with guests who speak different languages. This can lead to increased guest satisfaction, positive reviews, and higher revenue for the hotel. In conclusion, the integration of ChatGPT and other AI chatbots in hotels can greatly benefit both the hotels and their guests. From providing instant assistance to personalized recommendations, and from fulfilling housekeeping requests to reservation management, AI chatbots can enhance the guest experience, improve efficiency, and save costs for hotels. As technology keeps advancing, we can look forward to exciting and innovative ways AI can revolutionize the hospitality industry. Whether we're hotel owners or guests, ChatGPT and AI can bring us a more seamless, convenient, and enjoyable experience.

  • 5 Ways Design-Build can Improve your Hotel Renovation

    Renovating a hotel can be a complex and time-consuming process. From developing a renovation plan to executing the project and managing costs, there are many factors to consider. When it comes to choosing the right method to complete a hotel renovation, design-build is often the preferred choice. Design-build is a construction method that offers a streamlined approach to hotel renovations & PIP fulfillment where one party (contractor) is responsible for both the design and construction of a project. To achieve the best hotel renovation results, hotel owners & operators should choose a renovation method that's more efficient, cost-effective, and collaborative. In this blog post, we'll explore 5 benefits of using the design-build method for hotel renovations/PIP fulfillment to hotel owners and operators. 1. Streamlined Communication and Collaboration Design-build allows for a more streamlined and efficient renovation process by eliminating the need for multiple parties to coordinate with each other. The team works together from the project's conception to its completion, resulting in more effective communication and collaboration between stakeholders. Design-build can help to prevent costly change orders and delays in the construction process One of the key advantages of the design-build method for hotel renovations is its ability to streamline communication and collaboration throughout the project. With the traditional design-bid-build approach, the hotel owner typically hires an architect to design the renovation, then selects a contractor to bid on the project based on the plans. This process can result in communication breakdowns between the various parties, which can lead to errors, delays, and increased costs. With design-build, the hotel owner works with a single team (like Amerail Systems) throughout the entire project. Because the design & construction teams continuously work together any friction that could take place when multiple parties have to coordinate with each other is eliminated. This allows better communication and collaboration between stakeholders, resulting in a more efficient renovation process. Contact us today for a design-build hotel renovation. Because the design-build team is always working together, they can identify potential design and construction issues early on, preventing costly change orders and delays in the construction process. Additionally, because the team is working together towards a common goal, they are more likely to be aligned in their vision and approach, resulting in fewer misunderstandings and a smoother renovation process. By working with a single hotel renovation company such as Amerail Systems, hotel owners can benefit from better communication and a more collaborative team approach that minimizes errors, reduce delays, and ensures a successful renovation or PIP fulfillment. 2. Cost Savings Design-build can help identify and address potential issues early on, which can help to avoid costly design changes or construction delays. The design-build team can use vale-engineering to find cost-effective solutions that meet the hotel owner's objectives and fulfill the PIP while staying within their budget. Another significant advantage of the design-build method for hotel renovations is the potential cost savings for the hotel owner/operator. By working together, the design and construction teams can identify and resolve issues before construction begins, which can help to minimize construction delays and prevent change orders and rework. With value engineering, a design-build team can recommend design alternatives that meet the hotel owner's objectives and specifications but at a lower cost. An experienced design-build contractor such as Amerail Systems can often leverage its experience in value engineering to find those cost-effective design solutions. For example, these measures can include using more affordable materials or simplifying design elements. This approach is especially beneficial when working on hotel renovation projects with limited budgets or tight deadlines. Here’s an example of how the Design-Build method used by Amerail Systems helped this hotel owner improve their quality while saving on costs: “From start to finish, Amerail was by our side, helping guide us with their experience. With their extensive experience, they were able to provide great cost-saving ideas without sacrificing quality, in fact, they enhanced our quality with the recommendations due to the fact they knew what would and wouldn't work.” William Irick Hampton Inn, Santee, SC By working together throughout the project, the design-build team can identify potential cost-saving opportunities, avoid costly design changes, and reduce construction delays, which can help to deliver a high-quality renovation within the specified budget. 3. Faster Project Delivery Design-build speeds up project delivery by overlapping the design and construction phases, allowing for the renovation to be completed in less time. Better communication and coordination among the project team members can help to avoid delays and keep the hotel renovation on schedule. Faster completion of a hotel renovation can increase revenue, and improve guest experiences. One of the most significant benefits of using the design-build method for hotel renovations is faster project completion. Here’s why: Ability to overlap the design and construction phases Improved communication and coordination Overlapping Design & Construction Phases: Unlike design-build, traditional design-bid-build approaches require a completed design before construction starts, leading to long project timelines due to lengthy bidding and contracting processes that can take several months. If you’re looking for faster project completion, the design-build method is the way to go. Because design and construction teams work together continuously in the design-build method, the design and construction phases can overlap. As a result, construction can begin before the design is fully complete, as long as the necessary components are in place. For example, instead of having to wait for a design to be finalized, demolition/removal of existing hotel features could begin. Once the design is complete the team can continue on with the renovation preventing delays. This can also be beneficial in a situation where before a design is finalized, the team comes across an issue with the building that needs to be addressed in the design. Because you chose the design-build method, your team can find and fix the problem without causing major delays. Improved communication and coordination: The design-build method also provides better communication and coordination between the project team members which can aid in quicker project completion. Because the team works closely together throughout the entire project, they can collaborate more effectively and address issues faster. This can help to avoid delays and keep the project on schedule. Overall, the design-build method's ability to overlap the design and construction phases and facilitate better communication and coordination among the project team members can lead to faster project delivery. This can enable a quicker hotel renovation which can lead to improved guest experiences and increased revenue. 4. Higher Quality/Quality Control The design-build method provides high-quality control and oversight throughout the project. Communication is clear and accountability is maintained since the same team is responsible for both design and construction. The team pays close attention to every aspect of the project and conducts regular site visits and quality checks. The team incorporates standards into the design from the outset, preventing delays and issues during the construction phase. Collaboration between the design and construction teams helps to ensure that the design is executed correctly, and any issues are identified and addressed early on. The design-build method promotes accountability and responsibility, resulting in higher-quality work. The design-build approach can improve the quality of a renovation by having a single team responsible for both the design and construction, resulting in more accountability and ownership over the entire project. This collaboration aids in the early identification and resolution of any issues that may arise and ensures that all work is completed to the highest standards. The design-build team pays close attention to every aspect of the project, conducting regular site visits and quality checks to ensure high-quality results. They also work closely with the hotel owner and management to incorporate their specific needs and preferences into the design from the beginning to prevent any delays or issues. Overall, the design-build method provides superior quality control and a higher quality of work than other construction methods because of its unified approach creating a sense of shared responsibility for the success of the project. 5. Experience with Brand Standards Meeting brand standards is crucial for hotel renovations Experienced design-build teams can ensure the property is brought up to required standards and meets the brand's expectations while staying within budget and on schedule Experienced teams are familiar with specific challenges and considerations of different brands and properties Knowledge of the latest trends and best practices in hotel design and construction can help create a property that sets itself apart from the competition Designing and renovating a hotel to meet brand standards is crucial, as hotel brands have specific requirements and design guidelines that must be followed to maintain their identity and reputation. Working with an experienced design-build team that has knowledge of various hotel brands and their PIP (property improvement plan) requirements can ensure the property is brought up to the required standards while staying within budget and on schedule. Experienced design-build teams will also be familiar with the specific challenges and considerations that come with different brands and properties. This can help to ensure that the renovation project is tailored to the specific needs and expectations of the brand and its target market to create a property that exceeds guest expectations. In addition, experienced design-build teams will be up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in hotel design and construction. This knowledge can be invaluable in helping to create a property that not only meets brand standards but also sets itself apart from the competition in terms of design, guest experience, and functionality. Overall, having a design-build team with experience working with different hotel brands and their specific PIP requirements can be a significant advantage in ensuring that the property meets the necessary standards and exceeds guest expectations. Conclusion Renovating a hotel can be a daunting task, and choosing the right method for renovation is critical. Design-build has emerged as the preferred choice due to its streamlined approach to hotel renovations, and the other many benefits of this method. Design-Build ultimately keeps a hotel renovation on schedule, minimizes change orders, and keeps the renovation within budget. Design-build helps to minimize errors, reduce delays, and ensure a successful renovation project. This method can help hotel owners save costs, provide a more efficient approach to the renovation process, and deliver a high-quality renovation within the specified budget. Ultimately, the design-build approach can make the renovation process smoother, more efficient, and lead to more satisfied hotel guests. “From design to permitting to final construction their attention to detail was phenomenal. Once on-site, there were some issues picked up on by their construction foreman...He also saw that an existing steel beam that was hidden from view in our parking lot could be seen from across the street. He called in and the adjustments were made to raise the EIFS by a few inches. Another success! That was above and beyond in my book. He thought about more than just what was on paper. It seemed that Amerail was always a step ahead of us as far as assuring that our guests were inconvenienced as little as possible. On-time and on budget. What more can you want?” Rick L. Alcorn Comfort Inn | Blacksburg, VA

  • 5 Ways Hotels can Stay Competitive in 2023

    Looking for ways to keep your hotel competitive in 2023? We’ve got you covered. In our latest guide, we’re sharing 5 ways for hotels to stay competitive and attract guests in 2023. These 5 tips include steps hotels can take to improve their guest's stay by increasing comfort levels & decreasing guest friction. While accomplishing every tip below in a short period of time may not be possible, working towards these goals over time will help your hotel in the long run. Some of the tips mentioned in this guide may even be included in your next PIP. 5 Ways to Attract Guests in 2023: Increased Technology Social Media Unique Spaces Pets Welcome Price Matches Quality/Value of Stay Let’s dive in… Increased Technology in Hotel Rooms & Common Areas When looking at the fastest-growing trends in the hospitality industry it’s clear that increasing technology is the front-runner. Most hotels have embraced many of the technology trends in hospitality. For example, many Hilton & Marriott properties offer smart door locks & contactless check-in/check-out through their apps. If hotels want to stay competitive in 2023 and in the future, investing in technology is a must. Here are a few ways hotels can invest in technology that will improve their guest's experience and help them stand out. Smart Rooms Allow guests to customize their experience in your hotel by giving them control over their room's lighting, heating and cooling, blinds, room service, and entertainment all through their phones. Contactless Check-In & Out As mentioned before, many Marriott and Hilton hotels allow their guests to check in and out through their apps. Including smart locks in this mix also ensures that guests can check-in, access their room, and check out all through their phones. This step in improving technology makes it simpler for guests to get to their rooms and relax. Furniture with USB Ports A simple step hotels could take to improve on their technology is using furniture with USB ports in their common areas to make it easy for guests to charge their devices. This step will also attract bleisure travelers who are looking for a spot to work while staying at your property. Robot Concierge While some hotels already include ways for guests to request amenities and room service through their phones, in the near future we may see a robot delivering our extra towels instead of a staff member. Could robot concierges be the future of guest service? By using them, your front desk team saves time that they can use to focus on other more pressing matters. They’re also a fun and unique way to stand out among the competition and could motivate your guests to create some user-generated content for your social media pages. VR Allow your guests to experience what a stay in your hotel is like before they book with the use of VR (Virtual Reality). VR experiences don’t have to end on the booking site, incorporating VR into your guest's stay could add a new layer of entertainment and allow them to experience attractions, games, or sites near your property. Hotel Apps One of the main goals of increasing and improving technology in hotels is to reduce guest friction. The easier it is for guests to navigate their stay, the more attractive your hotel will be to them. Allowing guests to personalize their experience by giving them the tools to customize their rooms, and have their preferences always available to hotel staff can make their stay as seamless and comfortable as possible. An app can also give guests the ability to easily communicate with hotel staff when they’re in need of something. Social Media for Hotels Social media marketing for hotels is a free and simple way to improve your property's visibility online, attract more guests to your hotel, and increase direct bookings. To stay competitive, hotels should invest in social media and share beautiful photos of their property, attractions, and scenery around them. Here are some of the best ways hotels can utilize their social media platforms: Find more at Facebook: Promoting Events (Holiday Brunches, Dinners, etc.) Promoting Specials (Cocktail Hour) Receiving & Responding to Reviews Promoting Services (Amenities Special to your Hotel - Spa, Pool, Firepit, bar, Etc.) Promoting your Website/Booking Site Answering Guest Questions Paid Ads (Not necessary but ads have the ability for you to include a “book now” button) Instagram: Make the most of Reels, stories, and live videos Example: Do a walk-through tour of your property starting from when you enter under the Porte Cochere and into the lobby. Participate in trends that fit within your brands guidelines. Trends will help your chances of going viral and reaching a much larger audience. Inspire guests to stay with you and stand out by using high-quality and aesthetically pleasing images and videos. Use and promote a hashtag just for your hotel - promote this everywhere, even inside the hotel itself - when guests use your hashtag on a post about your hotel they are creating content for you - this is called "curated content". Use relative hashtags on each post for a higher chance of appearing on the discovery page or on your audience's following feed. Come up with a theme, guidelines & posting schedule to make posting to social media easier for you. The first thing someone notices on Instagram is an image and then the caption. Make sure your images will get your audience to stay long enough to see your caption & make sure your caption is captivating enough to get them to read further and/or take action. Share local events, destinations, restaurants, etc. on your page and promote your hotel's proximity to them. Destination content/inspiration Wedding and event content/inspiration Reels/TikTok: Videos promoting different hotel rooms Sharing high quality videos of your common areas, amenities, pool, gym, etc. Videos promoting different hotel rooms. Promote any deals/events happening at your hotel or nearby. Promote any attractions nearby while promoting your hotel. Pinterest: Share high-quality images of destinations around your hotel that are included on your website to gain traffic. Share images from events you’ve held such as weddings, birthday parties, etc. Include content-related keywords & buzzwords such as "wedding" "events" “inspo” “inspiration” and “aesthetic” to appear in searches made by your audience. Unique Designs in Hotel Lobbies & Common Areas Travelers are craving unique experiences and hotels have the opportunity to provide them with memorable stays by incorporating local culture and originality into their designs. Below are some ways you can provide your guests with a unique experience. Showcase local art and hand-crafted items in your lobby - this promotes artists while also supporting your local economy. Include a WOW factor in your design for guests to photograph and remember you by - this could be a unique light fixture or beautiful mural. Take local colors, patterns, materials, and textures into consideration when re-designing your hotel. Add furniture and decor to your lobby that’s inviting and stands out. Utilize your common areas and create separate spaces for bleisure travelers to work & relax comfortably. Pet Friendly Hotels According to, nearly 20% of Americans adopted a pet during the pandemic. Many millennials are now opting for pet ownership before and sometimes even in place of starting families. Much like traditional parents, pet parents want and many times need to bring their fur babies with them when they travel. This “pet boom” has prompted many hotel brands to begin rethinking their no pets policies. According to, a survey conducted by Hilton showed that 55% of respondents who were pet owners take their pets on trips. Travelers are looking for places to stay that accommodate their four-legged family members and hotels that provide those accommodations will remain competitive in 2023. Hotels that already allow pets have also been stepping it up by providing treats, water, beds, and designated spaces for pets to use the restroom making their property even more appealing to travelers. While in the past, bringing fido along seemed like an almost impossible task, pet-friendly hotels seem to be increasing and may become a new normal in travel. Staying ahead of this trend could keep you ahead of the competition. Steps you Can Take to Make your Hotel Pet Friendly Make a plan on how you’ll introduce this accommodation. Will there be cleaning fees? Will you invest in pet beds/treats/etc? Can you prevent messes? Will you have all rooms be pet friendly or just some? Weigh the costs/benefits over time. Are there hotels in your comp set that allow pets? Will you be the first? Present the plan and check with your ownership, management, etc. to see if your hotel could begin offering this accommodation. Then invest in things like treats, water bowls, and beds to keep in your common areas and or guest rooms. If you’re a hotel brand that wants to introduce this new pet-friendly policy, consider reaching out to companies like Chewy to see if they’d be willing to partner with you. This could save you money when purchasing supplies for the rooms and also provide both of you with a marketing opportunity. Price Matches Quality of Hotel Service/Stay Travelers today are willing to spend their money on hotel stays but there’s a catch. While people want to get out and travel they also want to get the most value out of their stays and experiences. When choosing a hotel, travelers will often base their decisions on which property provides the most amenities, experiences, etc. for the best price. For instance, if a traveler needs a place to stay and they’re comparing two hotels that are priced the same or relatively close to the same amount, they will choose whichever property offers them the better experience. Things like vegan/vegetarian options at a complimentary breakfast or even spaces for them to work comfortably may be the difference between them choosing one hotel over the other even if the prices are only slightly different. It’s no secret that for hotels to stay competitive, they must look at what the competition around them is charging guests. But another thing to take into consideration is how your hotel can provide travelers with a valuable experience while also keeping your prices competitive. Guests will typically be willing to pay a little more if they believe to be receiving an extra benefit from their stay. Make sure to highlight your hotel's benefits on sites where people can book. Keywords to use (if applicable) are: Complimentary Breakfast Vegan/Vegetarian Breakfast Options Smart Room Technology - Customize your room's temp, lighting, TV streaming, & more from your phone. Keyless/Contactless Check-In/Out with App 24 Hour Market 24 Hour Complimentary Coffee, Tea, Water, & Hot Chocolate Bar Bleisure Work Spaces Semi-Private Work Spaces Plenty of Outlets in Common Areas USB Ports in Furniture (Charge your Devices Anywhere) Pet Friendly Treats for your Pets at Front Desk Designated Pet Spaces Water Bowls for your Pets in Common Areas Spa on Site 24 Hour Gym with (Add what’s applicable): Yoga/Pilates Section, Peloton, Weights, Bluetooth Speakers, Complimentary Headphones if Needed Indoor Pool & Hot Tub Sauna Local Art & Murals Infinity Pool

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  • Hotel Renovation Company | Amerail Systems | Top Hotel Renovation Companies | United States

    A Hotel Renovation Company that WOWs. Providing hoteliers with beautiful hotel renovations & more efficient PIP fulfillment. As one of the top hotel renovation companies in the U.S., we know how to provide the best hotel remodel services while keeping your hotel fully operational. ​ So you can maintain your bottom line, increase RevPAR & overall guest satisfaction. Nationwide Hotel Renovations 2400 & Counting Get Started on your Renovation Or learn more about our services. What We Offer... Design-Build, Value Engineering, Turnkey Renovations As a Design-Build Hotel Renovation Company We Provide: Hotel designs & 3D color renderings based on your hotel's PIP as well as complete interior & exterior hotel renovations from start to finish. Our own guest-sensitive crews and professional project managers will provide your hotel with beautiful transformations from your guest rooms to your façade. Experts in Turnkey Hotel Renovations & Value-Engineering for Over 35 Years: Cost Savings ​ High-Quality Hospitality Renovations ​ On-Time & On Budget ​ ​ Superior Construction Services ​ Guest Sensitive Crews ​ In-house Project Manage ment ​ ​ Check Out Our Services How We WOW quotation With their extensive experience, they were able to provide great cost-saving ideas without sacrificing quality, in fact, they enhanced our quality with the recomm endations due to the fact the y knew what would and wouldn't work. I have renovated several hotels from the outside in, and I have yet to find a company more professional and capable than Amerail. " ​ Willia m Irick Hampton Inn, Santee, SC ​ See Full Project Fulfill your PIP & Renovate your Hotel Get in touch today How did you find us? Google/Search Engine Social Media Recommended by friend or colleague Google Ad Other By submitting this form I agree to Amerail Systems terms & privacy policy including recieving newsletters and updates from Amerail. You may unsubscribe easily at any time. View our Submit Thanks for submitting! OUR ADVANTAGE YOUR ADVANTAGE A Better Hotel Renovation Contact Us value-engineered savings with design-build 3D color renderings of hotel renovation faster & more efficient construction process aggressive timeline ability to work with fully operative hotels guest sensitive crews

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    ABOUT US... At Amerail Systems we’re dedicated to providing top-tier hotel renovations in the most efficient way possible so hotels can provide their guests with beautiful and comfortable spaces to gather and rest. We do what we do best so hotels can do what they do best. We aim for WOW . Contact Us today to see how. WHY CHOOSE AMERAIL? With more than 35 years of experience managing hotel renovations nationwide, Amerail understands the nuances of the hospitality industry. ​Our niche in the hotel renovation industry has allowed us to complete over 2400 hotel renovation projects during that time. Today we are a preferred partner of all major hotel brands as well as completed several independently owned projects across the country. We know which products are approved for use by hotel brands, we understand their unique needs and requirements, and we are your trusted partner throughout the entire process. From the moment you choose Amerail, we're available to you by phone 24/7 and will also be available at the job site. Your experienced project manager will be able to answer any questions and will facilitate the coordination and management of all subcontracted work, including electrical, signage and roofing needs. Get in touch today to get started on your hotel renovation. Contact Us THE AMERAIL ADVANTAGE Amerail Systems is an approved hotel renovation company for Marriott Hotels, Hilton, Choice Hotels, Best Western Hotels, IHG & more. As one of the top hotel renovation companies with over 35+ years of experience, we understand the unique needs of the hospitality renovation industry. ​ We have successfully completed thousands of hotel renovations across the country & specialize in all types of upgrades. We're not just a "hotel renovation company", we're also a: Hotel Repair Company Energy-Efficient Hotel Window Installation Company ​ Hotel Brand Conversion Company ​ Exterior Hotel Renovation Company ​ Hotel EIFS Repair Company ​ READ MORE OUR HISTORY Amerail Systems was founded by Alan Schaal in 1985 around a single idea to provide the best service to our customers at a lower cost and on a faster timeline. Amerail was the preferred vendor for all exterior railings at Holiday Inn during the late 1980s and early 1990s. As the business grew, Amerail began working with other brands and completing exterior corridor hotel railings across the country. ​ With the growth of the company and a well-known reputation to offer quality workmanship that is cost-effective, our hotel partners began to ask if we would be willing to offer additional services. With Alan’s foresight and vision, Amerail began to offer full hotel exterior renovation

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