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6 Essential Hotel Renovation Tips 2022

Travel is back and expected to be larger than ever this summer. While this wave of travel will most likely continue through the year and beyond, the race to renovate hotels is on. At this time hoteliers and hotel brands are considering whether they should invest in hotel renovations and PIP fulfillments sooner rather than later.

Our advice? Get started ASAP.

It’s no secret that the faster you get started on a hotel renovation the faster it will be completed. Although, there are reasons why hoteliers may be hesitant to start the process. For example, some may not be sure where or how to start.

But don’t worry, if you haven’t begun the renovation process it’s not too late and you don’t have to be an expert in construction or hotel renovations to have your hotel PIPs successfully fulfilled and your hotels renovated.

To help you get started we’ve put together a list of essential tips for hotel renovations and hotel PIP fulfillments to assist hoteliers like yourself.

Follow along with the hotel renovation tips below to gain insight into how to navigate your own project and understand the nuances of Property Improvement Plans and hotel renovations.

Our 6 Best Hotel Renovation Tips:

Hotel Renovation Tip 1: Choose the right contractor

Choosing the right contractor is one of our most essential tips for hotel renovations.

When choosing a hotel renovation contractor, make sure they have experience working on hotels and that their crews are guest-sensitive. Experience in the niche field of hotel remodeling is vital to the success of the project. An experienced hotel renovator will understand the uniqueness of the project as well as be able to value-engineer it better than most.

For example, Amerail Systems has been remodeling hotels since 1985. We’re experts in renovating fully operative hotels so they can maintain their bottom lines, increase RevPAR & overall guest satisfaction. Our crews keep a clean worksite and always put your guest first.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when choosing your hotel contractor:

Are the experienced in hospitality renovations and repairs?

Can they provide Value-Engineered solutions?

Are they experts in Design-Build?

Have they worked with your hotel brand?

Do their services fit your needs?

Do they have Guest friendly construction crews?

How long have they been in business?

Bonus question: Are they active on social media?

Why does being active on social media matter? A renovation company that stays active on social media can shine a light on your property gaining you more organic outreach, and visibility while creating buzz around your property.

Hotel Renovation Tip 2: Communication is Key

Our second tip for hotel renovations is to be transparent and communicate with all parties involved in your project to ensure a smoother hotel renovation. Communication includes your guests, your contracting team, and any other stakeholders.

Make sure to inform your contractors of any important details such as EIFS damage, timeline restraints, deadlines, or anything else that may impact the renovation process. Your contractor should also be just as communicative.

At Amerail Systems our goal is not only to provide you with breathtaking results but also to maintain a longstanding relationship through transparency and communication.

Probably the most important of your stakeholders are your guests. Communicate with your guests to ensure that their stays are not severely impacted by your hotel renovations. Being transparent about your renovations will prevent guests from being surprised when they arrive for their stay. If complaints do occur, communicate with your staff on how to navigate them in the best way possible.

Keep an exciting air around the renovations when informing your guests about them. Show them renderings of how the hotel will look in the future and emphasize how the renovations will improve their stays.

Here are some ways to communicate your renovations to guests:

  • Emails to incoming guests informing them of the renovations. Need help writing one? Check out our template here.

  • Use signage in common areas and the entrance informing guests about renovations and previews (renderings) of what’s coming.

  • Post about your renovations on social media before, during, and after.

Hotel Renovation Tip 3: Keep up with Current Design Trends

Changes in design trends happen regularly, our third essential tip for hotel renovations is to stay up to date with these changes so you can have an idea of what to expect in your PIP or so you know what your guests may be expecting from your hotel design during their stay.

To get an idea of what might pop up on your PIP, keep in mind that design trends for hotels typically reflect what’s trending in the world around us. Keep in mind who you’re designing for (what generations are traveling most now and what appeals to them?).

In the last few years, we’ve seen a shift in hotel design to include a more modern exterior that incorporates natural materials and cooler/neutral colors. While on the interior we have seen biophilic elements, new sustainability standards, and now more modular and multi-functional designs. These trends stemmed from society’s focus on health, the environment, and the need to attract a new group of travelers (Millennials & Gen-Z).

Here are some trends to keep in mind:

Advanced Lighting - Customizable LED

Dynamic Building Shapes & Unique Architectural Features


Improved Technology - Smart rooms

Textural Diversity

Functionality / Modular design (Making the most of spaces.)


Local Culture & Inclusion

Unique Elements / FF&E - If your PIP allows for any customization to design or unique elements be sure to have these planned ahead of time so that your designs can be approved as soon as possible.

Pro Tip: Hiring a contractor experienced in this type of work will allow for a more streamlined renovation.

Here's a look at an example of textural diversity in design:

advice for hotel renovations tips for hotel pips
Hampton Inn | Hotel Renovation by Amerail Systems

Hotel Renovation Tip 4: Take Lots of Pictures & Promote your Renovation

In this hotel renovation tip, we simply want to remind you to always take photos of your hotel throughout the entirety of your remodel. Before, during, and after images will allow your guests to follow along and see the results of your renovation clearly.

Having enough photos will allow you to promote your hotel via social media and any other means you’re comfortable with.

Your audience will love to see the progress of your hotel's renovations which will get them excited to stay with you in the future.

At Amerail Systems, we continuously take photos of your hotels renovation progress and will share them to our social media platforms to raise awareness for your newly renovated property.

best tips for hotel property improvement plan hotel pip tips

Hotel Renovation Tip 5: Be Prepared for Issues & Unexpected Costs

One of the most unexpected costs/time constraints of a renovation is water damage to the EIFS of a hotel.

When Amerail is on the job and comes across water damage we notify ownership immediately and will repair the damage at a time and material rate so we can continue on the renovation.

To check for water damage, look for:

  • Bulges in the EIFS

  • Cracks on or around window and door caulking joints

  • Soft wood near windows/doors

  • Discolored or soft areas

tips for hotel pip fulfillment tips for hotel eifs damage

Hotel Renovation Tip 6: Get Started ASAP & Know your Timeline

One of the most underrated facts of a PIP is knowing that it will take longer than you think. On average, a PIP fulfillment from initial sale to completion can take 7-13 months. A lot of the time frame depends on permitting, the design approval process, and weather.

When you receive your PIP, immediately research contractors who can help you fulfill it as efficiently as possible.

Choosing an experienced hospitality contractor will make your PIP fulfillment process less stressful and you will usually experience a higher ROI.

The sooner you get started on your hotel renovations, the sooner you can reap the rewards.

Once a contract is signed, a hotel renovation can take anywhere from 7-13+ months.

Here's a look at the timeline of your renovation after a contract is signed:

hotel renovation tips hotel renovation timeline

The steps that come before a contract is signed can take 7-12+ months.

Here's a look at the timeline of your renovation before a contract is signed:

best tips for a hotel renovation hotel renovation timeline

The timeline of your hotel renovation depends on many variables such as the time it takes for designs to be approved, for permits to be received, etc. but if you begin the process sooner rather than later, you should be able to achieve a faster turnaround.

You can read more about your hotel renovation timeline here.

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